Duved's Prebop Orchestra First Album



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    I'm a fan of the music here: the arrangements, Duved and others' solos, the vocals, the orchestral harmonies, dynamics are so well controlled...all those things are just superb. But I'm not a fan of the production and the decision to record in lo-fi. Of course I love listening to Django recordings and get the nostalgic draw but I'd always choose to present the music to the listener the way, or as close to, it sounds when you sit in front of the orchestra. The lo-fi is actually not the biggest drawback, more so it's a very narrow sound image. Everything is very tightly grouped, as if 20 people are playing in a 10x10 foot room. Vocals sound very nice though, strong, warm and present. And what a great composer Duved is!

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  • PetrovPetrov ✭✭
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    After listening a few times on headphones and in the car I agree 100% on the production.

    Great music and arrangements. Overall very enjoyable.

  • bopsterbopster St. Louis, MOProdigy Wide Sky PL-1, 1940? French mystery guitar, ‘37 L-4
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    When I compare this record with those that have jumped on the “direct to acetate” or “wax cylinder” bandwagon, there is a distinct difference: all of the instruments are recorded crystal clear, and there is no attempt at adding the (at least to my ears) annoying crackles and pops that would have been present on old 78 discs.

    That is enough of a distinction that keeps me from listening to any of the snap, crackle, pop variety recordings, and keeps Duved’s album in heavy rotation on my phone.

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    I agree with Bopster---I really don't think they were going for a "lo-fi" recording per se. I think they made a conscious decision not to individually mic the horns, and as a result the instruments in ensemble playing sound very homogeneous. Not unlike the way a concert band might be recorded. And yes, what great tunes and playing! Like listening to lost Frankie Trumbauer/ Bix Beiderbecke sides, or really good Paul Whiteman arrangements.

    For a more modern-sounding recording of Duved, don't miss his just-released Transatlantic Five record, available through DC School of Music. More of a Hot Club sound and also really excellent.

    On an unrelated note, did anyone else notice that Dave Kelbie just released a new collaboration between Fapy Lafertin and Evan Christopher? I've got a hard copy coming in the mail, but the snippets I've heard sound great.

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    Re the Fapy/Evan CD yep, got mine a couple of weeks ago. All good, Fapy and Dave great, as usual but Evan's clarinet adds a welcome variation. Recommended.

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    Arrived today fresh from France.

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    Listening to it on A*azon Music; I do enjoy the 'room recording' lo-fi style and the arrangements. It stands out from modern music in that everything is discernable. It's also without the 'crackle'. I like the way it fools my ear

  • nomadgtrnomadgtr Colorado Bumgarner, Marin, Holo, Barault
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    Agreed Jojo, I'm listening to it on Spotify this morning and I'm digging that approach. It's not something I would want to hear routinely on new recordings but I think it works for this release. I like it.

  • DjangoJimDjangoJim Edgewood, WA✭✭✭ Dupont MD50 Cedar Top
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    I love this album. It swings, it sings with an unmistakable 30’s sound and vibe. Not your usual modern gypsy jazz shred but more of a homage to those classic recordings of the HCOF. Artful playing all around. Well done, Duved, Denis, and company!! More please.

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