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Plectrum size? Hand size?

edited March 2019 in Gypsy Picking Posts: 1
Does plectrum size relate to hand size? It seems logical to me that somebody with a hand much larger than mine would need a bigger plectrum and I would use. What do we think?


  • mac63000mac63000 Tacoma, WANew Geronimo Mateos Jazz B
    edited March 2019 Posts: 189
    I've been experimenting with a variety of picks recently of varying sizes and thicknesses and my overall thought is it mostly affects tone, rather than the usability of a given pick. Larger picks offer more surface to grip but how you hold it is probably more important for your overall playing. If you hold a larger pick closer to the part that plucks the string you'll have more control than holding it further back. A lighter grip will result in a different sound than a firmer grip... And so on.

    I went from Jazz III with the matte finish (the ones with the turtle?) to the standard Wegen pick and loved the difference. Then I got some really thick Primetone picks and thought they were great for rhythm. I thought how could I play gypsy jazz with anything other than a large thick pick? The wegen was great for lead and the primetone for rhythm. Then I bought the big city Wegen picks and my world was turned upside down: Perfect for everything, love the smaller size and the different sound I can achieve. Great attack, easy grip, just perfect for my hands. Which aren't very large.

    If anything a smaller hand might find a large and thick pick to be unwieldy, but try a few things out and see what you like the feel and sound of to get the right combo.
  • geese_comgeese_com Madison, WINew 503
    Posts: 269
    Professionals of all different heights and body sizes (and presumably hand size) use the same size Dunlop pick (Delrin or Gator). I think it is more getting used to the pick and finding what works for you than the type of pick.
  • Mandolin picks with rounded edges have been working for me. I've been through the whole pick game and usually what I play with is either the Wegen M-Series pick or a Gator, rounded edge. I certainly indulge myself and try other picks. I loved the Blue Chip SR60 but gave up after I lost two. Generally, I always carry at least an M-series and a gator with me.
  • NylonDaveNylonDave Glasgow✭✭✭ Perez Valbuena Flamenca 1991
    Posts: 450
    I've been experimenting with renewables.

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