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aer vs fishman

williamwilliam New
in FAQ Posts: 2

can someone help me.. I have a Mateos Audrey oil rubbed finish that comes with a pickup...

what is the difference between the AER amps and an another acoustic amp like a fishman artist?

There are no stores where I live that carry AER so I have not been able to try one..


  • JDRookeJDRooke New
    edited July 2019 Posts: 25

    I have a Fishman Loudbox. I find it packs a punch, volume wise. But, it's kind of like a keyboard amp, in that it adds nothing to your sound. It does not make whatever is plugged into it sound better, like an AER. If I fix my sound prior to the Loudbox, with mic and/or pickup and/or pre, it can sound fine. I haven't played the Fishman Artist.

    I haven't owned an AER, but perform those who do. AERs sound great and can own a pretty big room.

    I have another recent post on the Bugera, a $250 bargain. It's marketed as a copy of an AER. It's not. But, it does sound pretty good and has some handy features. It seems to go well, when played next to an AER.

    2 or more AERs is the equivalent of a wall of Marshalls in my book. Those things rock hard. Midrange/bassy, tho.

    I played through a comparable Hendriksen amp, and it was cool as shit. But, it's more of a playing through tubes sound.

  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,379

    there's no comparison... AER is like a bear against a fishman salmon!

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