Any advice on how to permanently mount an Audio-Technica Pro 70

I have noticed that Joscho Stephan has permanently mounted his microphone (which appears to be an Audio-Technica) inside his guitar. This method is probably to protect this notoriously fragile microphone.

The A-T instrument clip is visible at the soundhole, and he seems to connect it using what must be a stereo jack at the tail of the guitar (it needs three leads for signal, shield, and phantom power).

Does anyone have advice on how to do this?

Cut the cable and solder to a connector between mic and powerbox to leave the powerbox outside the guitar, or put the powerbox inside the guitar and connect the XLR output from the box to a stereo jack plug installed in the guitar?

I would appreciate any advice, especially if you have done this or happen to know what Joscho Stephen did!





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    I'm not sure what Joscho does, but most people find the soundhole clip to be problematic. Since it puts the mic right in front of the sound source, you get proximity effect (i.e. huge bass boost) which leads to a lot feedback. Most people have much more luck with the gooseneck mount which gets mic away from the soundhole and reduces feedback:

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    Joscho is using Tone Dexter according to this post here:

    In that case he's using the A-T mic only to feed the signal to it.

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    Found some visual aid:

    Note the two cables coming out of the back. Looks like he has multiple pickup situations going on. Perhaps a bigtone as well.

    If he is indeed using the AT, I doubt the power box is inside the guitar. It's very bulky and it would make it too much of a pain to change the battery. So if I had to guess, the cable is clipped between the mic and the power box and wired to a TRS (stereo) jack.

    Personally, I don't mind taking the mic off. It offers the most flexibility.

    For oval hole guitars, I find that the best volume/feedback reduction combo is reversing the clip and putting the mic INSIDE the guitar. You can see a lot of professional players doing this.

    For a D hole, I mount it behind the bridge.

    I even designed my own mounts for both these situations. You can 3d print them yourself if you have the means, or I do sell them on my store ( )

    I've also experimented with suction-cupping a DPA-style gooseneck mount for these. Honestly, it's not very practical. I found I was getting more feedback than just going with the bridge or soundhole clip. But it depends on the guitar.

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