France Trip 2/24-3/11 Suggestions?

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I'm flying to Paris from 2-24 to 3/11. This my 2nd trip since October (note: $284 round trip from Newark!!!!)

I know the usual places but was wondering if anyone knows anything special going on during that time? I may make a trip down to Toulouse to visit a friend and will be taking some lessons in Brussels and visiting Eisenach and Leipzig (Bach fanboying).

Anyway, just open for suggestions, my plan is to hang in Paris and hear music, I have some lessons lined up too.




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    That is quite a trip! I truly hope you will be taking advantage of the TGV/Thalys. One runs from Paris through Brussels and then into Aachen and Koln. Not sure how far from there but you should be able to catch connections to Eisenach. I'm sure you've looked there already but the Wartburg is a pretty cool cultural site. Perched atop a local "mountain", it is an old castle that was once a place where Martin Luther holed up as "Junker Jorg" to avoid being persecuted for his (at the time) heretical opinions on the church.

    As for Paris, I'm sure there is something at "la chope des puces". Also, if you haven't seen it and would like to, you can find Django's Selmer 503 on display at the Cite de la Musique I believe. I'm sure if you are a Bach fanboy, you'll find plenty to amuse you at this museum.

    Latcho drom.


    BucoBill Da Costa Williams
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