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Couesnon bracing

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Hi there need some advice re bracing. I recently purchased a 1950's Couesnon GJ guitar as a basket case to restore for regular playing. Just got the back off and it is very lightly braced. Only two on the top (above sound hole and behind bridge) and two on the back the same. Its construction is thin spruce top, solid maple sides, two ply maple and mahogany back. Problem is that the top (flat) is concave around the sound hole due to back coming away from neck block and the fingerboard diving into sound hole, the lower bout behind the bridge has bowed up eg pivoting on the single lower bout brace and splitting the top at the lower bout extremities. I can restore it all back to factory spec. But should i? Im worried that the design has some inherent weakness when strung up the force on the bridge will pivot the top again which will no doubt have some residual weakness. Should i add in more bracing? Even very thin. Vertical either side of sound hole? Or more? My restoration experience is all archtops and flat tops. Never seen such light bracing! Thought GJ guitars had more bracing than the rest. Dont want to kill the unique GJ sound

Wim GlennBuco


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