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I’m studying Benjamin Givan’s chapter on Formulaic improvisation and I don’t understand how he has organised the measure numbers in order to locate the formulas in a solo. He uses numbers eg 2.29,1.15 etc. At first I thought they were minutes and seconds but they don’t seem to match up.

Anyone able to help?


  • TwangTwang New
    Posts: 415

    It’s ok I think I’ve figured it out. The first number is probably the chorus and The second number is the bar in the solo eg 2.7=2nd chorus, bar 7 of solo

  • AzazzellAzazzell CanadaNew
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    "Beneath the staff notation, I’ve indicated the track title, date, and measure number

    where each selected example occurs. (The measures are numbered by chorus and by bar number

    within each given chorus. For instance, “2.3” means the third bar of the second chorus.)"

    (Ben Givan also provides a set of formulas or “licks” (from a study in his book) than can be interesting to Django's fans.)

  • TwangTwang New
    Posts: 415

    Many thanks. It was the measures numbered by chorus then bar numbers that was causing my initial confusion. I'm really enjoying this book btw.

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