Cómic Django Reinhardt "Mano de fuego"

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Hi guys,

For those Spanish speakers, here you go a jewel that have just been released and that I have come across by chance.I haven't read it so far but it looks really nice:



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    wow, that looks great! I just ordered the French Version of it "Django- Main au Feu"!

    Thank You!

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    What's weird is the cover on the English version is not only different, but appeared to me at first glance to be a different style. The more I look at it, the more I see the caravan is the same shape but the door detail and shading on the curtains is different. Perhaps its the effect from the campfire vs. daylight? But the color palette seems to be totally different in the below image, the laundry in the night one is much simpler drawn, and the face of Django looks like a different style than those above. Art still says Efa though....will be interesting to see how the story is. You can read the first 10 pages at the link below. From the Amazon preview, it looked like David Reinhardt was involved in the project and Thomas Dutronc wrote a preface for it!

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    I bought the original hardback edition a year or so ago and it was a confusing process, trying to figure out which one to buy. There was wide range of prices... Mine has a dust cover where Django is busking with a banjo, but the binding is printed with the image in Billy's post. The image in Jose's post is the frontspiece of my book. Some newer French versions seem to be called La Jeunesse de Django - there seem to be be many editions of this book. Graphic novels are not taken seriously here but in Europe they kind of are, and I certainly don't understand the way different editions are published at different times. The one I have is really nice, the artwork is great and beautifully printed on fine heavy paper, with good binding, and wasn't expensive - I bought it used from a vendor in Germany. The French isn't that easy to read though, a lot of argot. Hopefully they'll do a second volume to tell the rest of the story.

    A German quarterly from the 90s called Hot Club News had an illustrated page or two telling some part of Django's biography in most issues - I never understood why these were never bound into a book because they were really well done by a very talented artist.

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    @scot I was going to mention what you said about graphic novels in Europe. This looks like it comes from Belgium, which is home to many great graphic artists and there is even a Museum for Comic Books (Bandes dessinees or BD) in Brussels. Authors/Artists such as Peyo (Smurfs), Herge (Tintin), Goscinney/Uderzo (Asterix), etc are well known and celebrated.

    I think they make different covers for different editions for the collectors who will get all cover variants. A similar practice is done with new comic books in the US as well, but they don't bind them in hardcover here as frequently as is done in W. Europe. Let me know where you found your hardcover. Maybe they haven't done it in English like the other languages? I had searched for an edition such as yours but only found e-book formats. When I was learning language, I found comic books as a great and fun way to acquire some of that "argot" because they depicted a lot of dialogue in constructions you'd hear on the street. It was also an interesting way to learn accents as the words are often written phonetically. I'd be interested in comparing the versions in French, English, and German for those reasons!

    I did find this interview with the artist, which might be of interest to those who can read French. I believe this is the jacket cover of your edition you are speaking of:

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    there are two french editions one being al limited edition which also will be signed and printed on paper normally used for Art Books for 32€. The cover is Django with Girl and Kid in front of the Roulotte like in the first post.

    the other one is the normal edition with just Django and the Roulotte like in the second post for 17,50€

    @Billyshakes i'm looking forward to read the interview although my french is quite rusty, thank you! Learning a language with comic books is great fun indeed!

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    Opps,I thought the book was a brand new one that has just been released and haven't searched for any european editions or checked if it had been already published. I'm really surprised and glad to see those french and english editions!

    I have just ordered a copy for myself and am waiting for it to reach home.Hope my baby girl will leave me time to go through its pages!

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    My wife and kids just gave this to me for Father's Day. They've re-issued it in hardcover earlier this year. Its a nice story. Very well done.

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