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I'm happy to share with you the first collaboration of 2021 that I made with Isaac Eicher, an incredible musician and mandolin player I had the great pleasure to meet in 2019 at the festival Django In June. Quick note for the record, this collaboration may have never happened without the help, kindness and support of the one and only Stephane Wrembel who officially introduced me to this wonderful festival back in 2013.

Since Stephane is a very genuinely kind and supportive person, he will never tell you about the great things he does for people but you should all know that over the years he has brought this community together and has helped so many musicians, myself included. Stephane is someone who loves and respects music, as well as the people who play it. Not only he is an accomplished artist, but he is also a great asset to this community and I can't thank him enough for all of the good things he did and for bringing this community together.

Happy new year everyone.

2021 Collaboration

NYC 2010

DIJ 2019

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