SOLD SOLD SOLD! Excellent 2004 Gitane D500 for sale $800!

FattyFatty New
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She's really clean with an excellent pro set up...low action with no buzzing anywhere....really fast! A Schatten active pickup with the 9v battery is installed and it sends a very hot the amp volume on 2 is Loud! This guitar hasn't been played much at all and shows only the lightest signs of use...Shallow C neck but not puny or pencil thin.. short scale as well...The neck is too shallow for me... I have a Vitteri D hole and I found an excellent number backup so now I'm only looking to sell...I'm friendly and easy to deal with! HA



828 550 2774

[email protected]


  • crothcroth ✭✭
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    I have a Gitane D-500 and I can say that they are a fantastic guitar for the money. GLWTS.

    I wanted to add a comment related to the pickup, though not that related to the ad, but which some may find helpful. Often with active pickups, there is an impedance mismatch with many guitar amp inputs. I'd guess that's why the seller finds the volume so loud even at "2". The solutions (assuming someone wants a solution - for ex to get more volume range out of their signal) are simple.

    The easiest would be if your amp has a second input, often designed for a mic, as many Fender amps do for example, That 2nd, lower gain input may work better. The second possible solution is to get a pre-amp. It doesn't have to be fancy or expensive, nor does it need to have any controls on it. I'm not promoting any brands and I have no relationship to the field, but one idea is something like the K&K Definity Preamp, which Michael carries and I can attest to that his prices are always the best. I would suggest asking someone a little more knowledgeable in this area before buying anything.

    Again, to the seller - that's a wonderful guitar and I wish you luck with your sale.

  • FattyFatty New
    Posts: 35

    Thanks for the kind words...I'd be happy to do $800 on a local WNC pickup!

  • FattyFatty New
    Posts: 35


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