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I have for your interest a 1996 Dupont Model MD35 gypsy jazz guitar, originally owned by Steve Miller (of the Steve Miller Band) who autographed the back of the headstock. This guitar is in excellent, brand-new-like condition and has no notable flaws, actually none to be seen. It has excellent action, playability, and tone.

It has a tight grained spruce top which now has earned at least 26 years of aging.

This is a "Square Label" guitar which refers to the early days before the current standard label was used and it is considered by many that the guitars during that period received the highest level of craftsmanship and likely by a single luthier, often Maurice himself, though there is no absolute evidence of this.

The model "35" indicates that it is a custom version of the standard MD50, the unique customization of which is that it's made of solid Koa back and sides.

I came to own this some time ago. I had an excellent setup done on it by a well-known gypsy jazz guitar tech. It now includes 4 bridges: two original ebony ones, and two that were custom made by the tech to produce different action heights and greater hardness for better sound transfer. They all work. They're all good. The new buyer gets them all so can choose which works best for them.

I was a guitar collector, currently have 3 gypsy jazz guitars and thought this one deserved an owner who would play it more than I do. 

The pics were taken for this ad so they represent its current condition perfectly.

Here's a video of this exact guitar being played:

Here are its specs:

1996 Dupont MD-35 Guitar Specs

Brand Dupont

Year 1996

Model Number MD35

Serial Number (blocked for now)

Sound Hole Oval

Fret Neck 14 Fret

Condition Excellent

Size 15 3/4"

Scale Length 670mm

Nut Width 1 3/4"

Body Depth 3 7/8"

Top Spruce

Back and Sides Koa (Solid)

Neck Walnut (Modern C Shape)

Fingerboard Ebony

Binding Walnut

Finish Nitrocellulose

Tailpiece DR Gold

Tuners Kluson Gold

Action 2.75 mm

Strings Argentine 1510 (.10’s) or 1510MF (.11’s)

Case Original Hard Shell –Made by Boblen in Canada as are all current (as of Feb-21) Dupont cases

Pickup(s) None

Truss Rod Yes

Weight 3.95 lbs

I am asking $XXXX for this extremely rare, beautiful, and playable guitar.

I can be somewhat negotiable so don't hesitate to make a reasonable offer.

Local pickup in the NYC/Long Island area is preferred. I can also arrange for direct pickup in the Frederick, MD area also. However, if a buyer needs it shipped, I pack very well and ship very carefully.

Get in touch if interested. I love answering reasonable questions so don't hesitate to ask. If you’d like to speak directly with me, contact me through my direct email address, [email protected] and we can arrange phone contact.

Check out the video clip link I've posted as well.

Thanks for looking.



  • crothcroth ✭✭
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  • crothcroth ✭✭
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    Up to the top.

  • crothcroth ✭✭
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  • crothcroth ✭✭
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  • crothcroth ✭✭
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  • jonpowljonpowl Hercules, CA✭✭✭ Dupont MD-100, Altamira M01F
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    I believe I saw that guitar or another one owned by Steve Miller at Guitar Showcase in San Jose, CA back in 2013 when I first went looking for a Gypsy guitar. I didn't get the chance to play it as it was enclosed in a glass case and was a lot more than I was hoping to spend.

  • crothcroth ✭✭
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    I don’t know its history that far back but it is entirely possible. I don’t know if Mr. Miller had more than one gypsy jazz guitar in his, I’m told, vast collection of guitars but this is one of that collection. I have been told by a well-known expert on the subject that ordering one like this today would cost about $5750, so they are expensive new. I think a brand new laminate MD50 costs about $4750 today and could not be in better condition than this one, so I think I’m in the right ballpark with the pricing.

    I would entertain a fair offer of course.

    Thank you for your observation and your comment. It’s appreciated.

  • billyshakesbillyshakes NoVA✭✭✭ Park Avance - Dupont Nomade - Dupont DM-50E
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    Re: Mr. Miller's collection. 😁

  • crothcroth ✭✭
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    Amen billyshakes! I’m one of those. But there are those who just need one really good guitar that inspires them to wear down the frets and produce a Willie Nelson style hole in their guitar from years of playing. Years ago, in my youth, my ‘64 Martin D28 was that one for me. This guitar can be that one for the right person in this GJ style. It’s been kept too pretty for too long. Someone has to come along and shake the apples from this guitar’s tree. It is an inspiring instrument. It’s not often one finds a 26 year aged-wood guitar, built with impeccable craftsmanship, that THEY have the opportunity to wear down to the bare wood. Step up and MAKE THAT OFFER!

  • richter4208richter4208 ✭✭✭
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    Hey Croth, curious if this guitar still has that bone dry thing Duponts are known for or does the solid wood back and sides make it have more overtones and "reverb"? Beautiful guitar.

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