French luthiers

I saw a thread recently about some of the lesser known luthiers knocking out some quite good guitars.

Does anyone know of a list of lesser known French luthiers?




  • rudolfochristrudolfochrist Worms, GermanyNew Dupont MD-100
    Posts: 141

    I‘m not sure if this site is kept up-to-date, but it can be a good starting point:

  • jazzman3726jazzman3726 USANew Various
    Posts: 16

    Thanks. I've seen that one. It's more or less up to date. Some of the luthiers noted have dropped off, and I imagine there's a few smaller ones that haven't been added. But thanks for taking the time to write!

  • ChrisMartinChrisMartin Shellharbour NSW Australia✭✭ Di Mauro x2, Petrarca, Genovesi, Burns, Kremona Zornitsa & Paul Beuscher resonator.
    edited March 2022 Posts: 959

    I had a very nice 'Chorus' type guitar made for me by Tony Petrarca. I used to have another of his also a nice oval hole.

    I think he is not making many now, he found he could earn a better living playing heavy metal rock than GJ or from skilled luthiery. He may still make some to order though. I have his contact details if anyone is interested.

  • philippephilippe New
    Posts: 8


    don't know if he is lesser known but Cyril Gaffiero makes wonderful guitars.

    Fapy Lafertin, Stochelo Rosenberg, Simba Baugmartner...

    I have one (the 'Selmer' replica model) and I really love it. To my ears, better than Dupont, Castelluccia...

    All the ones I've heard are really loud (and mine is no exception).


  • JSantaJSanta NY✭✭✭ Dupont, Gaffiero, AJL
    Posts: 262

    Another vote for Cyril Gaffiero. I have mine sitting next to me, and it's a wonderful guitar. Stephane Wrembel also played a brand new Magda model on Saturday at the Town Hall; I got to play that guitar for a few minutes before Stephane decided it was his lol, and it was brilliant in his hand. Cyril is also a wonderful and generous person.

  • jazzman3726jazzman3726 USANew Various
    Posts: 16

    Jsanta - That's a cool story. I couldn't get up for aGoGo but spoke to Stephane this afternoon. Sounds like everything went off very well. Next year. I'll check out the Magda. Thanks.

  • philippephilippe New
    Posts: 8

    The Magda model has a flat top.

    Th Selmer replica model has a bended ('folded') top ; Cyril explained to me he thought this additionnal tension could be part of the Selmer particular sound.

    When buying mine, I tried many guitars at Cyril's workshop. There was two selmer replicas and a couple of Magda. I choose the one with the highest trebles, thinking that with time the guitar will gain lows. After 3 years, this is exactly what happened, the sound is now terrific.

    The second selmer replica was sold to Fapy.

    And I agree, Cyril is really a nice guy. Stephane too and if there is only one guitar to trade with mine, it will be his busato...



  • rudolfochristrudolfochrist Worms, GermanyNew Dupont MD-100
    Posts: 141

    I think Joachim Robert Thiberge is lesser known ( At least I found him just recently. It looks like Tchavolo is playing one of his guitars nowadays. Here is a video of Tchavolo with his JRT guitar (and Stimer):

    And acoustically:

  • KlausUSKlausUS AustriaNew Cholet Intuition, Gaffiero Original, AJL Q&P
    edited July 2022 Posts: 64

    Good things were said about Gaffiero´s, which I would like to confirm. I recently received a Gaffiero Original. Short scale, but very loud and it has a lot of bite and crunchy chords. Not sure how to put it, but it feels very precise. A wonderful instrument and a great neck (for me) with great playability.

    Yohann Cholet should be mentioned as well. Different to Gaffieros. More low end, also very loud. Deeper neck than Gaffiero, great playability, great instruments.

  • bbwood_98bbwood_98 Brooklyn, NyProdigy Vladimir music! Les Effes. . Its the best!
    Posts: 676

    Current top of mind list:

    Vladimir Muzik (beacuase I own one, it's a great guitar!)

    Adam Berten (I know, he's not french. . . )

    Both a great builders doing amazing things. And from what I can tell neither have been mentioned here.


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