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Dupont MD50 questions

lukejazzlukejazz Natchitoches, Louisiana✭✭✭ Dunn Belleville, Dupont MD50

Hi all - I have a Dupont MD50 that I bought from Michael a few years ago. I've really been enjoying it lately, especially since I've been playing it exclusively for the last 6 months or so. I think the MD50 and I have more or less "come to terms" as I have made a few technique corrections for GJ style over time. I feel like I'm getting a very acceptable tone out of it. I like that the sound seems to have a certain consistency all over the range of the instrument while still maintaining a certain amount of sensitivity. I have another instrument where one or two notes seem to sonically explode out of the instrument and that's a bit frustrating trying to compensate for that.

I've not had the opportunity to meet a lot of other GJ players. According to Michael's description it seems like the MD50 is sort of an industry standard. I watch a lot of YouTube videos and have really never noticed even one player using the MD50. Of course it could be that I just am not noticing it.

Here is my question - has anyone here had a Dupont MD50 and moved on to another guitar? Why and what are your experiences?




  • ScoredogScoredog Santa Barbara, Ca✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 796

    I sold mine to our rhythm player and bought up to a Vieille Reserve (top of the line). I recently went back and played his MD-50 and you can tell it is by the same maker, they have very similar traits, it really is a fine instrument. One can get tired of the tone like any guitar and want to play something else but I think they are great and love playing them. I have a lot of fine guitars and my Reserve is is at the top of the list. The MD50 is fairly close in quality.

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  • JasonSJasonS New
    Posts: 21

    They have a reputation of being consistently really good as long as the setup is dialed in. Like anything, you may eventually find a guitar you like better for one reason or another but that probably won't be due to any shortcomings of the Dupont.

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