Django/Gypsy Jazz related tattoos

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I couldn't find anything using the search function, so I thought I'd open a thread. I know tattoos are not overly common in the jazz/swing scene, but i'm sure there are a few out there so: Feel free to post your Django/Gypsy Jazz related tattoos here!

I'll start with my tattoo of the most famous hand in music history based on a drawing by R.S.Baxter that I guess everyone in here has seen. It may be a bit of a poser thing to do, but at least the members here know the significance of the motif as opposed to the casual swimming pool visitor who assumes that this is just a poorly implemented design of an failed middle finger tattoo haha.

I chose this motif because not only it is a hommage to Django and his music, but at the same time it should serve as an inspiration when life let's you think "this won't work".



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    Good one! No one will mistake this for a failed middle finger, but maybe the two finger salute :)

    The drawing is here if anyone wants to see

    There is a guy who regularly comes to Samoreau who is covered in Jazz tattoos! Including a few Django ones, of course. Sadly, I haven't been for a few years now and I've forgotten his name, and couldn't find my photos of the ink :( Maybe somebody else has photos ...

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    At DFNW I recall seeing Angelo with a tattoo of a Gypsy guitar with the figure of a woman intertwined round the guitar's neck...and Tchavalo proudly showing the tattoo of Django's face that he has on his chest over his heart.

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