Dell'Arte Hommage questions

GregOGregO Tarpon Springs, FLNew Eimers Nympheas

I recall reading here that many liked this guitar in it's hey day. This seems to be one of the luthier models. Does anyone have experience with the price? I have a Latcho Drom (Dell'Arte label Altamira) that I started with a couple years ago. I'm tall with long arms so considering a Favino size. Thanks.


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    That's way over priced, in my opinion. If you're looking for a Favino, Stringphonic makes a great one, and it's less money. Just give it a few months of playing and the tone blossoms tremendously. There's a couple on this website in the Asian Guitars section. I spoke with one of the folks from Dell'Arte and he recommended Stringphonic over Dell'Arte luthier models.

  • GregOGregO Tarpon Springs, FLNew Eimers Nympheas
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    That's what I felt. Thanks for the confirmation. In this situation, if I like the guitar I'd make a fair offer and leave it for the seller to refuse. ...also agree on the Stringphonic.

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    That guitar is in France. Dell'Arte are more valued in Europe than here in States. Suppose conversely, a Favino will be nowhere as much in Paris as it is over here. I never played Hommage but for a long time they were considered the best thing next to the original is you wanted that size and sound.

    FYI, a forum member just put out his JWC made Favino copy for sale. Check this same forum category, it's fairly recent.

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