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I traveled to Minnesota this week for work and was looking tonight for a downtown dinner option. When the menu at the Irish bar looked "bleh", I walked across the street to the jazz club (the Dakota) to see what might be playing. Was delighted to see the listed band performing on a Monday evening was called the Red Hot Django Peppers. Food was yummy and the band was hot, even if the weather outside was not.

Nice 4-piece band that played a fun set. Not sure if there were other forum members there, but the crowd was appreciative. Check them out if you are in town and they are playing. Their rhythm guitarist, Ian, told me that both the Dakota and the Cedar Cultural Center are good places to find Django's music. Anyone else have any other good places in town, or other Hot Club bands, since I'll be here more frequently?


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    There have been Hot-Club players and groups working the Cities for quite a while, but in my experience they're where you find them. I see that one current outfit is the Twin Cities Hot Club, which includes Gary Schulte, a fine violinist. Gary has also played with Gypsy Mania and with Reynold Philipsek, whose repertory is broader than just Djangoid material, but he's very good at it.

    I haven't gotten into the Cities much since the Plague started, so I'm not up to date on current bands. Just Google "hot club minneapolis" to see who's active and gigging.

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    I am good friends with the lead guitarist/band leader of the Red Hot Django Peppers! He's not only a monster guitarist, but one of the nicest people I know. They just released their live album as well!

    Along with the RHDJ, I would suggest checking out Ryan's quartet (

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    @Russell Letson Thanks for that tip. I think I found an older post here about this music in the cities that mentioned Gary.

    @JSanta He put on a nice show. He definitely has a lot of the flashy licks and tricks down that really impress people new to the style. Their bass player was fantastic and I liked the difference between the solo guitar and the more classical style of the violin player. A definite contrast. It was a happy accident getting to see them play. My understanding is that Ryan, Ian, and the bass player are all in his quartet.

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