Recommend books etc. to somebody who doesn't play the guitar, please!

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I'm playing the piano and recorder flute (classical, serious, and no fear, not gonna use recorders for jazz.) Till now all by sheet music. I'm not bad at all with non-classical music, just never played freely, no experience. I hardly play any guitar at all, just know the most basic chords, and I think learning it to a decent or good level would take a lot of time. I know a fair amount of music theory and connect it to the intuitive part, but nowhere near a modern Western jazz player.

So what can you recommend for a guy that wants to know more about the practical side of gypsy jazz, both the rhythm/accompaniment side (piano, melodica) and the melody/lead side (melodica, piano)?



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    Doubt you're gonna find something specifically written for piano in this genre. You got some material from that other thread so just take short phrases that you like the sound of, learn to play them by ear and see how they would work over other tunes in a similar situation. Same for accompaniment, learn by ear from others. Even take cues from other instruments and see how you can adapt it for piano.

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    I would reach out to the fantastic accordion teacher Dallas Vietty ( he may have some more specific advice about how to deal with the melodica. (and perhaps piano as well - certainly chords and melody and improvisation he can teach you!)

    Find a good Piano teacher who plays/teaches/understands swing . . . and explain your goals clearly to them re:gypsy jazz.

    Then follow buco's advice!

    Good luck.

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    Yeah accordion.

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