Gitane DG-320 Nut Replacement

Dear Community,

Had a bit of a disaster – the nut on my Gitane DG-320 (D-Hole style Gitane, modelle John Jorgenson) that I bought on Djangobooks a number of years back has broken.. someone knocked the guitar over and it basically cracked / exploded. Thankfully the rest of the guitar is fine.

I have tried looking around for replacement nuts - but I'm only able to find "regular" classical and dreadnought folk guitar type nuts.. does anyone know where I could order a replacement?


  • Jangle_JamieJangle_Jamie Scottish HighlandsNew De Rijk, some Gitanes and quite a few others
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    Best to take or send the guitar to a luthier who will be able to make a nut with the correct string spacing. Without having the guitar in front of me, it would be tricky to get it spot on. Where are you based?

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    You can get a blank and you just need to cut the string notches. Depending on your level of handiness this can be easy or will take some time to research and prepare and get it done. Or, just let a tech get it done for you. It should be cheaper than the same job on a flattop because with zero fret, they don't have to worry about the slot depth, even width as long as the string fits, radiusing (or whatever else, but I'm not a luthier).

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  • paulmcevoy75paulmcevoy75 Portland, MaineNew
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    I would take it to a luthier. There's a bit of a trick to it and if it's done wrong it will affect the sound of the guitar.

    A zero fret nut is somewhat easier to cut but nuts in general are not simple.

    By the time you bought the nut blank, the files and all the little doodads to make a nut you'd be well passed what someone would charge you to make one.

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