cheaper guitars for gypsy jazz

hi guys

lets say one cant afford to buy luthier made gypsy guitar. are there any cheaper instruments available that one can use for learning gypsy jazz?


  • lorenzoplorenzop Madison Wi TucsonNew Risto Ivanovich
    Posts: 30

    'cheaper' is relative . . . I bought a used Eastman DM-1 for $600 . . . I think it's quite capable.

    Let's say one wanted a luthier made gypsy guitar, what guitar is a good example of an entry model luthier made?

  • JasonSJasonS New
    Posts: 61

    You can learn the vocabulary of Gypsy jazz on literally any guitar. Much of the technique involved makes more sense and feels more natural on guitars typical of the genre, however.

    As for cheaper guitars in the Selmer style, the aforementioned Eastman DM-1 is a good option. Many of the Gitane guitars are also a good way to get started. You can often get either for less than $1000.

    The Geronimo Mateos Jazz B is, IMO, the best buy for an entry model luthier made guitar outside of finding a great deal on something used.

  • JSantaJSanta NY✭✭✭ Dupont, Gaffiero, AJL
    Posts: 272

    You probably need to let us know what your budget looks like. What's "cheap" for you may be "expensive" for someone else. That being said, Altamira is always a great choice for someone on a budget. Having had both the Altamira and an Eastman before moving onto Luthier made instruments, I would go with Altamira every time.

  • bbwood_98bbwood_98 Brooklyn, NyProdigy Vladimir music! Les Effes. . Its the best!
    Posts: 676

    Depends on what you mean by cheaper but this company makes good instruments for the prices: Andreas Karigiannis of Leveller guitars.

    Also you can get some used things from miller or someone on reverb for pretty reasonable money sometimes.


  • Posts: 81

    OP, I'd keep my eyes open for a good deal on an Eastman, Altamira or Dupont Nomade (like JSanta, my personal preference is for Altamira)...they pop up used w/decent pricing on reverb every now and again.

    Otherwise. as JasonS mentions you could certainly use a flat top to get a start but imo, it's best to start on a selmac-style, if only to get a proper feel for the more classical guitar-esque neck shape and string fact, now that I'm giving this more thought, a classical guitar probably makes more sense than a dreadnaught.

  • rafapakrafapak ✭✭
    Posts: 221

    thanks for replies, when i say cheaper i mean 1000 dollars etc

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