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Do you have a book reco for accordion?


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    Speaking as someone who used to work extensively in the sheet music sales, I've never seen a GJ method book specific to accordion. Also, are you playing a piano accordion or concertina/button box? If the latter, it's only going to be all the more difficult to find a decent method book. That said, if you can read music, just buy a book like Mel Bay's Complete Django (no TAB so easier to read for non-guitar instrumentalists) or any Grappelli book and start learning some of the lines, should provide a decent start for the right hand. If you're looking for a book with accordion-specific chord/bass line notation for GJ, you're probably out of luck tho unless there's a small house European publication out there somewhere.

  • DoubleWhiskyDoubleWhisky Upper FranconiaNew Dupont MD60, 1940s Castelluccia
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    I'm not an accordionist but a friend of mine recently started playing button accordion and there is plenty sheets available online for old school musette classics (Tony Murena, Gus Viseur, Jo Privat, Marcel Azzola, etc). I think that also should be a good start for getting into the gypsy jazz side too because a) some musette waltzes are standard gj repertoire anyway or gj waltzes most of the time are very musette based and b) you will learn chords and voicings that are transferrable to gypsy jazz.

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    This isn't a method book, but here's a link to a Marcel Loeffler song from when he came to Django in June. It indicates there is more on his website, but I didn't see any. Maybe he gives lessons or has other transcribed works if you contact him?

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    There seem to be books and arrangements for swing jazz accordeon that could be useful.

    Would probably be helpful if you can be more specific about your needs and background.

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    @murphybridget837 - I highly recommend the amazing Dallas Vietty's online school - Rising Reed. While not an accordionist myself, I've worked with Dallas many times - and he is a master musician (and frankly would be on any instrument).

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    I have to second bbwood's comment. I play a CBA and have been taking lessons from Dallas for quite a few years after meeting him at Django in June in 2014. Amazing instructor!

  • Thanks' a lot for all your recommendations. I am also looking for a book about concertina.

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    I reached out to our concertina player, who has studied with many concertina masters and plays in several jazz and traditional styles. Similar to the original advice given above by @voutoreenie, he said there isn't really any book and the best you can do is: "be proficient on chords and playing. Learn the repetoire, style, history, and then practice the shit out of it." He couldn't underscore the importance of playing with other musicians (i.e. guitarists, bassists, violin, clarinet, etc) and then "figuring out what works with the bass and rhythm guitars. No one size fits all answer."

    While the concertina is a different animal to an accordion, I think playing with players of both instruments might help you find some footholds to where you can use your own sense of musicality to find your own voice that works within a band context. I have heard Dallas play and know several people who have worked with him. You can't go wrong by starting there. He's a teacher already so he'll help get you on your way.

    Good luck!

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