Can you recommend a book for learning the concertina?


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    I'll repost my comment from your other accordion thread in case you didn't see it there:


    I reached out to our concertina player, who has studied with many concertina masters and plays in several jazz and traditional styles. Similar to the original advice given above by @voutoreenie, he said there isn't really any book and the best you can do is: "be proficient on chords and playing. Learn the repetoire, style, history, and then practice the shit out of it." He couldn't underscore the importance of playing with other musicians (i.e. guitarists, bassists, violin, clarinet, etc) and then "figuring out what works with the bass and rhythm guitars. No one size fits all answer."

    While the concertina is a different animal to an accordion, I think playing with players of both instruments might help you find some footholds to where you can use your own sense of musicality to find your own voice that works within a band context. I have heard Dallas (Vietty) play and know several people who have worked with him. You can't go wrong by starting there. He's a teacher already so he'll help get you on your way.

    Good luck!

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    Upon re-reading your question, in case you are just learning in general, he didn't have any direct book recommendations. Said there were several but none really great. They also have a forum over at They might have more people over there that could steer you in the right direction.

  • Thank you for your advice, more power to you.

  • I recently bought a concertina, my goal is to play slow melodies on the instrument in gypsy jazz. Never seen or heard that before, that's why I want to try it. I haven't had time to start out playing the instrument, too busy with my current 6 bands ;-)

    If you want to, we can stay in touch to organise a small concertina specialist group.

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    Here's Randy in action on Tony Murena's Passion

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