Hodson 503 - no truss rod

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Hi folks, my new (third-hand) Hodson is sounding great, but there is a slight negative relief on the neck. It was there when I bought it but the action was high. I've since added a new lower bridge so the action is nice, and fitted 11s to try to pull the neck up a bit. That negative relief translates to buzz on open strings. Anywhere fretted is ok, which leads me to believe that a new (slightly more raised) zero fret would help. Is there anything else I can do to try to bring the neck up a little? Even higher-tension strings? If Rob Aylward frequents this forum, can I bring the guitar to you for a new zero fret?!!! Thanks for any advice. Jamie



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    I'd think it's either planing the fretboard or the neck reset. Zero fret replacement seems the easiest attempt to fix. You could test by making a shim out of stainless steel. Even a beer or soda can would work. Or a nail you slide in front of the zero fret. Then you'd know if it's worth the effort.

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    Having had the guitar hanging up at home with the 11s on, and playing it plenty, the fretboard is pretty much flat now, but still some buzz on open strings. Rob Aylward will be replacing the zero fret in the next couple of weeks - he's about 1.5hrs from me. I'm hoping I'll get to try one of his guitars out while I'm there!! The Hodson is a great guitar - love the chunky neck profile and the tone.

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    I can't believe that Rob Aylward lives in Aberlour. I lived just up the road from him for 3 years and never realized he was there. I don't think I ever heard Django music in the Highlands while I was there. I remember his name from as far back as the Robin Nolan GJ book series from the early 2000s. His website must be new, because other than the Home page where he talks about Selmers, the Guitars section has no mention.

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