Adrien Moignard current setup

pdgpdg ✭✭
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Just curious if anyone knows what sort of setup Adrien has, particularly as of the time of this 2021 "virtual concert" (note: you have to click on it a couple of times to watch it on youtube):

There is lots and lots of (beautiful) "near buzzing" tonality, but I believe he uses medium strings (011 etc.). Is this a "very low action" setup, or "no neck relief," or something else?



  • Jangle_JamieJangle_Jamie Scottish HighlandsNew De Rijk, some Gitanes and quite a few others
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    What's his guitar? It has a slightly larger soundhole akin to my Hodson. I would imagine that it's a 'no neck relief' AND 'low action' together. It's spot on! (though Tchavolo might struggle!)

  • paulmcevoy75paulmcevoy75 Portland, MaineNew
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    this is awesome, thanks for sharing it.

    It doesn't sound excessively low to me, he's pounding the strings pretty hard at times with no buzz.

    I think you can turn buzz on pretty easily by using less pressure on your fretting hand.

  • paulmcevoy75paulmcevoy75 Portland, MaineNew
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    I would guess that it's low but also very well adjusted.

  • wimwim ChicagoModerator Barault #503 replica
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    Wow, how did I miss this video. Good one

  • bbwood_98bbwood_98 Brooklyn, NyProdigy Vladimir music! Les Effes. . Its the best!
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    @pdg It's one of the Olivier Marin guitars.

    He's been playing them mostly when "in France" for a while, and the Holo often on the road.

    Matthieu Is playing a holo.

    However, In terms of exactly how that guitar is set up, you'd have to ask him that!


  • richter4208richter4208 ✭✭✭
    edited February 12 Posts: 522

    His favino was easily the best tones I ever heard Adrien get. Maybe he just got sick of it or it developed an issue. Sometimes the hunt isn't an improvement, but we all do it.

  • juandererjuanderer New ALD Original, Manouche Latcho Drom Djangology Koa, Caro y Topete AR 740 O
    Posts: 205

    he didn't risk take it with him overseas to Charm City for the virtual concert. ;)

  • djazzydjazzy New Riccardo Mordeglia, AJL
    edited February 12 Posts: 66

    thanks for the video!

    I swear -- every time I hear Adrien, the music event. Incredible player.

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