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I have had this request. Can anyone help?

"I have a wonderful large picture (a print), which is a collage of more than a hundred musicians associated with gypsy jazz. Django and Stephane are in central positions, as one would expect.

It was given to me by Martin Taylor several years ago - I think that this was a spare copy - but he could not locate the key that identifies all the musicians. I can name many of them, but there are many that I am not sure of. Not all of the musicians necessarily played in the gypsy jazz idiom, but they could be said to have been influenced by that music or, at least, associated by the spirit of the music. The majority are Manouche or Sinti guitarists and violinists, many of whom I recognize, but most of whom I’m not sure about. Also represented are Ike Isaacs, Martin Taylor, Diz Disley, Joe Pass, Eddie Lang, Joe Venuti, a young Robin Nolan and Rene Thomas. Less explicably, Duane Eddy occupies the lower right corner.

Do you, by any chance, also own this print and if so, do you have the identity key? Or, do you know anyone who might have it and allow me to have a copy?"

Thanks in anticipation.


  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
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    Any chance someone can post an image file of it here? I imagine it'd be pretty easy to overlay numbers on it...

  • BarengeroBarengero Auda CityProdigy
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    Hi Folks,
    starting from the left corner above and ending in the right corner below:

    1. Jimmy Rosenberg
    2. Feré Scheidegger
    3. Francis-Alfred Moerman
    4. Zipflo Weinrich (violin)
    5. Holzmanno Winterstein (guitar)
    6. Dunja Blum (singer)
    7. Helmut Zacharias (violin)
    8. Carmen Hey (accordion)
    9. Martin Taylor
    10. Martin Stegner (double bass)
    11. Zipflo Reinhardt (violin, white shirt)
    12. Romani Weiss (guitar, necktie with points)
    13. Titi Winterstein (violin)
    14. Eddie Lang (next row, on the left side, guitar)
    15. Alfred Lora (violin)
    16. Babik Reinhardt
    17. Raphael Fays (guitar)
    18. Ulli Bund (guitar, between Fays and Dunja)
    19. Marc Fosset (guitar, under Zacharias)
    20. Matelot Ferret
    21. Sarane Ferret
    22. Schnuckenack Reinhardt
    23. René Thomas (between Schnuckenack and Romani)
    24. Diz Disley (guitar, chin-beard)
    25. Fapy Lafertin
    26. Lousson Baumgartner (guitar, under Diz)
    27. Stéphane Grappelli
    28. Unknown Guy with Bow Tie
    29. Svend Asmussen violin, between Matelot and Sarane)
    30. Koen de Cauter (saxophone)
    31. Bobby Falta (guitar, next to Koen and Boulu)
    32. Louis Vola (double bass, white shirt)
    33. Ike Isaacs (guitar, in front of Vola)
    34. Schmitto Kling (violin, above Isaacs)
    35. Dorado Schmitt (guitar)
    36. Laurent Bajata (with glasses)
    37. Tchan Tchou
    38. Zeca de Oliviera (electric bass)
    39. Folke Eriksberg (with cigarette)
    40. Janosch Dörr (with pink shirt)
    41. Vali Meyer (double bass)
    42. Lulu Reinhardt (waistcoated)
    43. Boulou Ferré
    44. Mondine Garcia (between Koen and Romane)
    45. Jo Privat
    46. Rodolphe Raffalli (guitar, small, "behind" Coen)
    47. Wedeli Köhler (violin, white dinner jacket)
    48. Michel Warlop (violin, between Wedeli and Oscar Aleman)
    49. Joe Bawelino (between Bousquet and Oscar Aleman)
    50. Oscar Aleman (guitar, white shirt, Bow Tie)
    51. Mandino Reinhardt (on the right fringe, white shirt, guitar strap)
    52. Meggi Patay (guitar, between Oscar Aleman and Mandino)
    53. Roger Chaput (between Bousquet and Mandino)
    54. Bousquet (between Wedeli and Bireli)
    55. Danny Weiss (guitar, between Privat and Bousquet)
    56. Ninine Garcia (guitar, under Mondine)
    57. Denny Wright (guitar, white shirt, small, next to Ninine)
    58. Romane (guitar, white shirt)
    59. Angelo Debarre (guitar, between Romane and Lulu Reinhardt)
    60. Gus Viseur
    61. Christian Escoudé (guitar, yellow jacket, next to Viseur)
    62. Patrick Saussois (left hand guitar)
    63. Martin Weiss (violin, brown jacket)
    64. Tchavolo Schmitt (guitar, on the left fringe)
    65. Baro Ferret (guitar)
    66. Joseph Reinhardt
    67. Didier Roussin (guitar, beard)
    68. Joe Venuti (violin, hat)
    69. Nouna Schmitt (singer)
    70. Henri Crolla (between Häns´che and Didier)
    71. Joe Pass (without guitar, white T-shirt)
    72. Serge Krief (next to Pass)
    73. Robin Nolan (in the left corner below)
    74. Häns´che Weiss (guitar, under Joseph Reinhardt)
    75. Jacques Montagne (guitar next to Häns´che)
    76. Romeo Franz (violin, between Montagne and Nouna)
    77. Jo Larsen (guitar, next to Romeo)
    78. Armin Heitz (guitar, blue jacket)
    79. Philippe Viret (double bass)
    80. Stochelo Rosenberg (blue shirt)
    81. Maurice Ferret (guitar, white shirt, suspenders)
    82. Joseph Pouville (under Bousquet)
    83. Marcel Bianchi (under Pouville)
    84. Bireli Lagrene
    85. Ziroli Winterstein (chequered shirt)
    86. Costa Lukacs (right corner below)

    Hope this helps, although it is not possible to tell the exact position of every figure without a sketch. If you have questions, please ask.

    The poster was made by Georg Pschorr in 1996 and you can buy it here (15,00 EUR): ... 8029851036

  • Teddy DupontTeddy Dupont Deity
    Posts: 1,264
    Barry you are a prince amongst men. Thanks very much.

    Although I do not have a copy of this picture, I feel I might be able to help you with No.28 even without seeing him.
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