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Well . . . what a week, the begining of the holiday season! I have a few gigs this weekend that I thought you all should know about! Tommorow night I am playing with my band Franglais at the lovely Cocotte Resturant (337 5th ave, brooklyn NY, at 4th st- afew blocks from the R train at union, and the F train at 4th and 9th). Last week we had a great time with guest violinist, Marc Chung- new to the NYC scene from California. As always, I'll be playing mostly rhythm guitar, and My beautiful and talented wife will be singing (in french and english- of course!); and we will feature the guitar talents of Mark Dains on mostly lead guitars! Its going to be a great night of django inspired jazz music with excellent food and a great bar, as well as amazing service and ambiance! Come out and Enjoy! Also, This week sees the return of Dr. Applesauce (formerly the Monkeyshine 9) a fun, loud jazz inspired party band. We are playing at the Sidewalk Cafe (94 ave A, Manhattan, NY) Saturday night at 8 pm. The sidewalk is a great club with a nice room. This band is a full front line, backed by guitar, bass, piano, Drums- plus sometimes we sing! Jazz meets punkabilly! good stuff. I hope to see you there!
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