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Hi there,

I am selling a Gitane DG-255. I have owned this guitar since about late October of last year and have since upgraded to another Gitane with a slightly beefier neck. I was informed by the previous owner that this guitar has had a pro fret level and recrown, which I have no reason to doubt as it plays much nicer than any stock Gitane I have come accross. Best of all, a proper bridge made of old rosewood has been crafted, and this has improved the tone dramatically. Additionally, a Schatten pickup specifically designed for this type of guitar (so I'm told) has been professionally installed. Cosmetic condition is very good, with a normal assortment of nicks, scratches, and play wear. Great starter instrument that includes original hsc.

Now for the bad news: Due to the cold, dry weather this winter, a superficial crack has developed in the finish along the lower edge of the fingerboard where it joins the body. As far as I can tell, this has had absolutely no effect on the tone or stability of the guitar, but it will obviously effect the value of the guitar. If you're just starting out and funds are tight, this may be just what you're looking for. Taking into account the cost of a second-hand DG-255, professional fretwork, bridge fabrication and Schatten p.u. with installation, I hope a price of $400 shipped is reasonable but I will negotiate.

Feel free to request any photos you might like to see.

Thanks for looking

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  • SickstringSickstring Chicago✭✭✭
    Posts: 36
    Just added some shots of the DG-255 above.

  • A.K. KibbenA.K. Kibben Tucson AZ USANew
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    I sent you a pm... No reply...
    Please email me as I am in the market for a travel, etc, guitar so I can leave my two other guitars at home when it is not necessary to travel with them. Experience at an airport lost luggage warrants purchase...
    BTW, Is the pickup the passive or preamp model?
  • SickstringSickstring Chicago✭✭✭
    Posts: 36

    Got your PM. To all interested, I don't know the exact model of the Schatten but it is most likely passive. The output is rather weak direct or plugged into an amp and there is no battery (if that is even an option).


  • SickstringSickstring Chicago✭✭✭
    Posts: 36
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