DFLA...any reviews?

DuozonaDuozona Phoenix, AZNew
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Anybody wanna post a review or at least a rundown of DFLA last weekend for those of us who could only be there in mind, not body?



  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
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    It was awesome!
    I went with my father, my brother and two really good friends. Laguna is beautiful and everyone was very friendly and nice, we met a lot of good people and heard some very good players around.
    The concerts were great, The highlights were:
    Gonzalo Bergara`s quartet: Great player and great compositions, lots of soul and a really nice guy.
    John Jorgenson: Really good show, with Gonzalo on rhythm and Jorgenson on lead, clarinet and vocals. Good tunes and overall a very interesting show I really enjoyed it.
    Andreas Oberg: Monster player, great band, great stage presence and he played two shows, twice the enjoyment. Very nice guy too.
    Angelo Debarre: Well...He`s the guy, the real deal. And Ludovic Beier is incredible too, as is Tchavolo Hassan the rhythm guitar player. Awesome show.
    Special mention for Simon Planting who played bass for almost every band and did it with great style and professionalism, another very nice guy. And **** who`s very young and has great technique, it was humbling to see him play.
    All the workshops were really good as well:
    Michael Horowitz: really organized and informative, with written hand outs and ready to help and answer any and all your questions, made sure every one was getting it right, amazing teacher, and very nice as a person too. I learned a lot.
    Andreas Oberg: Wonderful experience, he tested our ears and fingers and gave us a lot of information both licks and musical concepts. And I got to watch him play up close which was worth the price of admission on it`s own even if couldn't keep my jaw from dropping every two seconds.
    Angelo Debarre: I didn`t learn as much as on the other workshops because of translations and a guy that kept playing lead over Angelo`s
    but it was great to see him up close and he showed us a little made up on the spot solo for Cesar Swing that I really liked.

    I was very lucky to be able to take a private lesson with Andreas that I`ll never forget, he showed me a lot and was really nice and humble and funny too, he knows a lot and not just about gypsy jazz, he jammed with my brother who plays Sax, on "Giant steps" and "Impressions" and played better than most other guys who devote themselves to that style alone.
    I also had the pleasure of meeting Ted Gottsegen and he was so warm and helpful, and he showed me how he plays rhythm which was an invaluable lesson.

    It was great to see other guys from the forum like V-dub, Django`spooltalent, Swingstrings. Hi to you guys and Paul.
    So thanks to everyone for an unforgettable weekend and hope to see you all next year.
    Enrique Hulsz.
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    I couldn't stay for the concerts, but I got to meet Michael, which was fun after conversing over the internet all this time. Somehow I missed Ted... Maybe he saw me coming! :)
  • Micky DunneMicky Dunne Liverpool UK✭✭✭✭ Olivier Marin, JWC Modele Orchestre, AJL La Flasque
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    Thanks for the review for those of us not there :cry: Does anyone have any photos of the event/stage area etc?I will be travelling from San Diego upto SF in August (5 months too late) and I know nothing really about California :roll: So a few shots of the surrounding area will gimme a taste of where I am headed....... 8)

    Fast and bulbous
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