I don't understand the GJ tuner prices - your opinion



  • djadamdjadam Boulder, CONew
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    I have to concur - with tuners for me it's 90% functionality and 10% look.

    When I got my martin HD-35, it had these funky looking Schaller "quick change" tuners. Basically they are designed in such a way that you don't have to wind the string much. I wasn't crazy about the look, but I loved the guitar so much that it wasn't even a consideration. In the end, I was astounded by how smoothly they operated and how well they kept tune. It seemed impossible to me how well they kept it in tune.

    Then after a year and a half playing mostly on a Gitane 250M, I began to realize just how good I had it with the good tuners. The Gitane stock tuners just suck, at least on this model. Well, I guess they're par for the course for a guitar that price...

    When I got my custom Park, I knew that the stock Schaller tuners would be great, but I was also spending over $4K on a guitar so I figured I'd go for broke (literally!) with the expensive Waverly upgrade. They looked so damn nice and having played a Park with the stock tuners, I think they have a performance edge, if slight. So basically I threw my own 10% rule out the window and splurged. I'm happy with it, as I made no concessions with this guitar and again, I love the look, but I bet I'd be 99.9% as happy with the performance of the guitar overall if it had the Schallers.
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