Denis' Jazz Manouche DVD and Michael's new Gypsy Rhythm book

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I'm probably putting this in the wrong section (maybe it should be in the Gypsy Rhythm section...), however, Malcolm Cudmore asked a good question in the Yahoo GypsyJazzGuitar forum, and I wanted to share my thoughts with you all. Please pipe in; I'm curious how others may feel.


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> I've just received Michael Horovitz's new book - many days earlier than
> expected at the time of pre-order (and I'm in the UK!). It looks really
> comprehensive and well produced. I've not yet seen Denis's DVD. I wonder
> whether the two sets of source material would be complementary or whether
> they would confuse. >

Hi Malcom -- I have both Denis Chang's Jazz Manouche DVD and Michael Horowitz' Gypsy Rhythm (Vol 1), and I believe they are both excellent sources for learning Gypsy jazz rhythm. They do not conflict in teaching styles and serve well to supplement each other. Denis' DVD offers concise examples of right and left hand techniques, up and downstroke variations, a multitude of rhythm styles, chord voicings and some great song intro and endings. There's a heap of stuff on this Wayne Nakamura produced DVD, and Denis does a fine job of introducing subjects and following through with easy to follow visual examples.

Michael's Gypsy Rhythm (Vol 1) is a definative work on the subject. It took him years to compile this book of 250 pages of lessons, 3 CDs with 259 examples, 30 transcipts, 14 pages of chord charts, and around 20 rare and historic pictures. (Many of these pictures I've never seen, and I've seen hundreds of pictures of Django and other Gypsy jazz musicians).

If you've seen any of Michael's other books, you know how carefully and extensively he covers the subject at hand. In this case, his coverage is flat-out jaw dropping! There is enough material here to last for years of serious Gypsy rhythm study.

Denis' DVD matches nicely with Michael's extensive book in that it provides a quick, visual reference to much of what Michael presents. Whether you are just starting with Gypsy guitar or have been a student for many years, if you are serious about learning the language of this music, both these products will serve you well.

There's the age old question of "If you could only buy one..." and the age old response of "Get both!" In this case, get both is definately a good answer.

Archtop Eddy


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