Bireli Style Custom Guitar Mic Setup - SOLD

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Bireli Style Custom Guitar Mic Setup For Sale

At a Bireli concert in N.Y. I had an opportunity to speak with his audio engineer, Phillipe. Being an audio engineer myself, I had a mutual friend who introduced me to him. Phillipe took the microphone off of Bireli’s guitar and let me handle it while he explained it’s construction to me. I’ve made several exact copies now, that work great. But, the microphone feeds back at low volumes when plugged directly into an acoustic guitar amplifier. Being a sound engineer, I’m familiar with the signal chain that is required to make a microphone loud enough without feedback in a gig setting.

I choose to put that signal chain in a bag which I can use with my amp and mic at a gig.
The signal chain is a microphone preamp into a fully parametric EQ with notch filters. This works by removing the feedback with the notch filters and EQ, resulting in an overall louder volume without feedback. This setup that I have designed and constructed, is a lightweight, very portable system that has additional storage space for a small guitar stand along with other misc. items such as cables, strings, etc. All wiring is custom fitted, professional grade, done with Canare signal cable and Neutrik connectors. I plan to build more of these setups on a case by case basis.

Below is a list of the equipment included in this setup:

1x Shure Beta SM98 Microphone (as used by Bireli Lagrene) with a custom mic clip (fashioned to a Favino D-Hole guitar).

1x Sabine FBX Solo SM-610 microphone preamp with 6 automatic feedback notch filters.

1x D-Tar Equinox Parametric Equilizer.

All of this gear is custom fitted in ATA case foam within a Taylor Musician's gear bag.

Hardwired to the bag are: an XLR input cable, a ¼” output cable, a male A/C power cable, a female A/C power cable (for supplying power to an amplifier), a male XLR wired in parallel off the microphone input to be used as an unprocessed microphone output to a house P.A.

Asking price is $500.

Here’s a video of the mic setup:

I am also selling a AER Compact 60/2 with a custom case on ebay. Here is a link to that auction: ... 0295585576

Any questions, please feel free to contact me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->

Happy Christmas!


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    The setup has been sold.
  • jscook777jscook777 ✭✭✭✭
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    If you're looking for the mic setup that Bireli was using on the Viene DVD you should try the Audio Technica pro70 or AT831b. They are a little cheaper than the shure mic that Bireli used, and come with a clip so you don't have to mess with making one. Many people use them now and they sound great, even Bireli himself uses them!

    If you needed a preamp and EQ/notch filter to take away feedback the Headway EDB-1 works great and is cheaper than the units I used with this setup. And you don't have to buy a bag, cables, etc.. You can just plug in and go: ... preamp.php

    So you actually may have good luck. You can buy these for cheaper and it will sound great! :D

    All the best,
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