bent neck?

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for selmer style guitars (petite bouche)...
how can you tell if the neck is bent?
also, is the fret board supposed to be higher over the cutaway (to compensate for the higher action provided by a tall bridges)?
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  • djangologydjangology Portland, OregonModerator
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    typically, most guitars will experience a small bump in the fretboard at the point where the neck joins the body. obviously, this will hardly be visible on the better guitars. on a cheaply built guitar this might be more obvious. perhaps next time its refretted that can be fixed.

    humidity will usually cause the neck to slightly "twist" but it can also cause bowing i suppose.

    your question is vague and hard to answer.
  • Josh HeggJosh Hegg Tacoma, WAModerator
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    First off... On a Selmer there is no tress rod and the neck is thick. Really think compared to most guitars today. This thicker neck is really stable.

    So does your guitar have a tress rod?
    If so don't try and adjust it if you have not before. Take it to some one that knows what they are doing.

    Who made your guitar? If it is a Saga the neck can probably be tweaked by adjusting the tress. If it is a Woodland or a like maker your chances are cut in half. I have seen some of the later new a a store that had substantial neck problems right off of the shelf. Usually that is why these guitars have such higher action. The seller will say something like "that's how Django would have had his guitar set up" Maybe true but a new instrument should have a true neck.

    The problem I have run into is that most guitar shop repair people are not used to working on GJ style guitars. They take one look at the hight action and think your out to lunch! So be sure you take care that you have some one that knows a bit about this look at your instrument or you might me in for a surprise when you get your guitar back.

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