improvisation 1

HennoxLaneHennoxLane Leuven, BelgiumNew
edited December 2009 in Unaccompanied Django Posts: 34
I just uploaded a vid of me playing the first few parts of improvisation 1, if anyone if interested =)

feedback comments are very much appreciated! ;)


  • JazzDawgJazzDawg New
    Posts: 264
    Sounds very good. I like your right hand position, very good control of the pick.

    I got the book a few weeks ago, and am learning a lot from it. You are moving along quite nicely, keep it up.
  • HennoxLaneHennoxLane Leuven, BelgiumNew
    Posts: 34
    Thanx Jazzdawg!

    I also feel like I'm learning a lot, a whole lot, from this book. It's allowed me to finally study these improvisations in depth and I love playing them.

    Still a few difficult passages though; you might have guessed why I skipped the last part :D
  • Matthias LenzMatthias Lenz Lucklum, GermanyNew
    Posts: 101
    hehe, better to leave the last part out than to mess it up. But it´s a tough one to nail, I didn´t even dare to approach this tune at all yet. So, just wanted to say that I like the sound you´re getting out of that western box. Looking forward to further versions.
  • HennoxLaneHennoxLane Leuven, BelgiumNew
    Posts: 34
    Hehe, indeed it is better that way ;).

    Well, while I'm still trying to tackle the last part of this first impro, I learned and recorded the second one aswell, feel free to share your thought about it :D ... ure=autofb
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