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I received a copy of the Hot Club de Norvege's DVD Hot Cats in Concert featuring the Camelia String Quartet. The DVD is/was available through Hot Club Records. It features 11 songs: Karlov, A Fairytale, Swing in the Rain, Shoegazing, One Hot Cat, White Night, Midnight Special, April Fools, Night Shots, Winter Blues, and Ekko. Most of the songs start with an introduction by the string quartet before the band joins in. The DVD also features a bonus video celebrating the band's 25th anniversary. I believe this video can be viewed on the band's website as well. Overall, the DVD performances are all well done. However, I personally found the concert a little boring. Most of the songs here have similar tempos and moods which makes them all sound alike after a while. I did like the use of less common instrumentation found in the DVD. For example, most songs feature Finn Hauge on harmonica. There are also two songs in which he plays a musical saw.
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