Does Romane get short-changed?

Archtop EddyArchtop Eddy Manitou Springs, ColoradoModerator
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Seems to me Romane gets a bad rap. People don't like his stiff right hand (although, to me, it sounds just fine). I think some people think he's too slick, and perhaps comes across as a self-promoter. I don't see any problems with this stuff, and I think he's a talented player. I've seen videos of him with Stochelo where his playing matches (and at times exceeds Stochelos) in terms of interest and musical creativity. But enough of what I think. What do you think? Does Romane get short-changed in the Gypsy jazz community?



  • ramsezazramsezaz Paris, FranceNew
    Posts: 90
    Well many people criticize him for many reason, "Not a trad player" "Not a Gypsy", "Talks too much", "Arrogant"...But I don't care for that, I really like his playing... I don't care if he plays always the same solos..At samois 2004, his interpretation of Anouman nearly made me cry :) I like his music, I like his playing and I don't care about the rest (And I like the fact that he gets involved in teaching this style)

    that was my 0.02€
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  • dennisdennis Montreal, QuebecModerator
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    I like him too, i'm not exactly sure why people criticize him... someone told me it's because he writes his solos (at least for the studio recordings)... meh big deal, i say... it sounds good..
  • marcieromarciero Southern MaineNew
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    His melodies often have a strangely beautiful quality. It makes sense learning that he works some solos out, if that's true. He also has some interesting compositions, I think. Dance for Laura strikes me as a small masterpiece. Strangely beautiful indeed.

  • Archtop EddyArchtop Eddy Manitou Springs, ColoradoModerator
    Posts: 589
    Thanks fellas for steppin' up to this question. I think it's interesting that some people will criticize him for "Not being a Gypsy." Wow, I wonder how many of us on this group fall into that category... not being a Gypsy, that is.

    As for writing out his solos. Again, it's interesting that people hold that against him too -- especially considering that this genre has such die-hard Django copiest.

    I think it's an important tool picking out the licks of Django and the masters, but then to hold it against someone (Romane) for writing out or structuring his own solos seems a bit incongruous, doesn't it?

  • CalebFSUCalebFSU Tallahassee, FLModerator Made in USA Dell Arte Hommage
    Posts: 557
    I personally like Romane's playing I own two of his albums and I am happy with booth of them I would like to get both of the albums has done with Stochelo. The only bad thing I have heard about him is that he is kind of an asshole, but hell he is a musician and a guitar player to boot. I mean he couldn't have been worse than Miles Davis.If he writes his solos out for the studio well that is a biger deal to me, but definately doesn't throw me off of listening to him. I like his compositions I have heard. I always thought the remark about getting Gypsy blood transfusions from Ninine Garcia was a little weird, and the not being a gypsy that is just absurd.
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  • nwilkinsnwilkins New
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    I believe people say he's arrogant because he does things like call Bireli's Gypsy Project album "quaint" and "not jazz", which I must admit, is pretty crazily arrogant considering Bireli's solos (even when playing in the gypsy jazz genre) are some of the most adventurous and "jazzy" solos around.
  • oscaroscar yesNew
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    I have a bunch of Romane's albums and I like them a lot. I think he is definitely an important stylist in the Django tradition, gypsy or not. He has written some great tunes, although he seems to have over-recorded some of them.

    He also has done several different "concept" albums, the big band album, the Django "organ trio" album, the New Hot Club album with Babik. Some of these seem to have rubbed some people the wrong way, although in the case of the organ album it might have been the (as is usual) way over the top liner notes which were responsible. I tend to think that these are a nice change of pace.

    In the states we are not privy to things Romane might say whether at the bar or in the press, but I am curious what his opinions are, especially since, from the snippets reported online, he appears to have strong feelings about the music and the artists. Bireli's Gypsy Project "quaint"?? Some pretty ferocious playing to be labelled as such, IMHO... Is there any bad feeling from Florin Nicolescu being with Bireli these last few years?
  • nwilkinsnwilkins New
    Posts: 431
    In North America we are privy to such things (you just have to look hard enough) :)
  • djangologydjangology Portland, OregonModerator
    Posts: 1,018
    Its interesting how rumors get around isn't it? Whatever Romane said, whether it is true or not, is no problem. Its good to have strong opinions on things. Where you find a strong opinion you will also find someone who uses their creativity to come up with something better.

    I have always thought Romane is a great player. He deserves the utmost respect from all of us for writing the "l'Espirit Manouche" book, without which I would be totally lost right now.

    It is also good that he actually writes new stuff. Romane will actually leave a legacy behind him and I hope he leaves us more before he retires.
  • nwilkinsnwilkins New
    Posts: 431
    It's not a rumour I have it in print :P
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