What an accomplishment!

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I just wanted to say what a wonderful text unaccompanied django is... After buying virtually all the books on g-jazz it seems funny that the last thing I would find turns out to be the gem!
What an accomplishment! Anyone who opens the book can tell how much time and effort must have went into making this wonderful learning text. What a better way to learning the music of django other than from django himself?
All of Michael`s extreme attention to the fingerings/picking stokes/phrasing of django`s brings his music to the reading musician! Married with the g-picking book, I think unaccompanied django can show the sleuthing reader the way to excute the proper arpeggios, diminished scale runs, V-I cadences, and glimpses of django`s relentless sense of phrasing. The book is the jazz or classical musician`s aide to exploring the music of django reinhardt, I hope more people of all styles and levels of experience will give time to this wonderful text!

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    The sample pdfs of the arrangement are brilliant. I can't wait to get this book!
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    Couldn't agree more. I got this book as a gift on Friday, and had a very nice 'lost weekend' with it. It is a great addition to my GJ library, and is already getting a lot of use. Michael's labor of love is an excellent resource. I've always enjoyed the J'attendrai intro piece played at that hotel room, and I can't thank Michael enough for peeling back that annoying voice-over, and taking such care in transcribing that piece. I learned the first page of it last night - the easy part, huh. Can't wait to get back home to finish learning it.

    It has something worthwhile for players of all skill levels, too. In fact, going through these pieces are great studies and reveals a lot about his style. I recommend it without reservation.

    Thanks Michael for giving us such a valuable resource.
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