Saga DG-300s? A few questions....

SpruceSpruce Orcas Island, WashingtonNew
Hi all....
First post here....

I have an older Saga DG-300, serial #10502 that I've had for about 8 years, but am just now playing (a lot)....

Can someone fill me in as to the difference between the various DG-300's?

Where are the new JJ ones made?

I'm guessing mine is made in Japan, but there are no markings to that effect....

Mine's a D-hole, with a bearclaw Sitka top, and mahogany B/S....
Nice axe, especially for the money...

Just curious as to the reputation of the older Sagas, how many were made, and how they stack up next to the newer ones...

Thanks in advance...


  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
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    The newer 300s (the JJ model guitars) are made in China. They're neat guitars. I've played... (um... 1,2,3,4) four of them. The worst of which was a very competent guitar and the best of which was really quite amazing (yours is the amazing one, Hyung, encase you're reading this and wondering)

    I've only played one of the older Japanese Sagas - don't remember which model. It had a fairly straightforward dry tone and a moderately strong punch. As for which is better - old or new - you'll probably hear religion on both sides of that equation. No two guitars are the same, and proper setup makes a LOT of diffrence in tone and playablity - so I'm guessing there are great and mediocre examples of both.

    Hope that helps.
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