Jimmy Rosenberg!!!!

rimmrimm Ireland✭✭✭✭ Paul doyle D hole, washburn washington
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Where is he? Has he got a residency somewhere? Is he taking a break? The world needs you !
I got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell


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    You are not alone in wishing for his return. The latest video of him that I know of is from april this year in a coffeeshop where he plays for a bunch of drunken/stoned people who clearly are clueless of his genius. I can post it if you like but I can guarantee you it will be painful to watch if you care for Jimmy.
    Then I found a blog with some recent photos of him and Angelo Debarre ... -rosenberg

    He seems to have put on some weight which could be good(from kicking drugs) or bad(alcohol).
    Someone who knows Jimmy should tell him that there are many many people in the world who cares for him and who loves his music.
    God bless his soul.
  • andreandre
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    Hi... I'm not sure, but I think Jimmy is currently 'spending time in a rest home'. Make of that what you will.
    I pray he truly will find peace. Please join me in this.
    Thank you. And thank you, Jimmy.All the best...
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