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Gitane D500 not the real sound

calòcalò Bilbao, SpainNew
Hello I´m a spanish musician, new at this forum ,I own a D500 and was ok with the sound off the guitar but yesterday I went to a music store inBiarritz (France) and I played a "O" hole Carvalho (spanish luthier), 500 € more or less, the fretboard was´nt that fine as the gitane but the sound wow ,was other world,I realize when I went back home that the Gitane doesn,t have that gypsy sound at all, wonder if its something to do with the bridge (still have the original one), what do you think about it?
Thanks to all


  • asd123321asd123321 ✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 119
    Right. There is not much overtones in the d 500.
  • trumbologytrumbology San FranciscoNew
    Posts: 124
    One thing to keep in mind is that most oval-hole Selmer clones have the longer scale length. (670mm vs. 640mm for a 'D' hole). That means higher string tension, and a bit of a different sound.

    I've never played any Gitane, so I have no clue why yours seems dissapointing to you. They get lots of reviews along the lines of "great sound for the money"--they are supposed to sound almost as good as lots of guitars that start $1,500 (U.S.) more.

    But as they say, results will vary.

    Maybe yours was made on a Friday afternoon, and the luthiers at the factory were all thinking about how they were going to go out and get bombed on Maotai that night.
  • pmh425pmh425 Middle Island, NY✭✭✭✭
    Posts: 86
    A good friend has a D500 and I find the sound quite authentic. He has replaced the bridge and added some thin leather under the tailpiece.

  • nwilkinsnwilkins New
    Posts: 431
    I am not saying this about you specifically calo, but as a person who has played both a Gitane and a spanish Rodriguez selmer style guitar, I can see that some people unfamiliar with how gypsy guitars are supposed to sound might think that a guitar with richer overtones, more sustain and longer sound decay (like th Rodriguez) is better, when in fact it is not (for this style of music). Try to play a really nice gypsy guitar and then decide whether the Gitane is better or worse than the Carvalho. That way you'll know for sure.
  • CalebFSUCalebFSU Tallahassee, FLModerator Made in USA Dell Arte Hommage
    Posts: 557
    I can't speak for anyone's guitar except my own but I have played my Gitane D-500 back to back with a Dell Arte Dark Eyes and recently a Dupont and a Favino and I was actually surprised that my guitar sounded the way it did. My guitar was no where near the Favino or the other nicer more expensive Sel-Macs but it was damn close. I have never played the Spanish copies so I can't speak to those either, but I think my Gitane has the sound.
    Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.
  • calòcalò Bilbao, SpainNew
    Posts: 19
    Thanks guys, well,the Gitane sounds good,I mean, it has a good sound projection,and its better build than the spanish ones (I tried a Rodriguez and I didn´t like it) ,but still I miss this "twang" sound, maybe I´m going to change the bridge (a Dupont one), two questions guys: does the litle piece of leather change the sound? and wich bridge i should buy dupont 2 or 3?
  • BluesBop HarryBluesBop Harry Mexico city, MexicoVirtuoso
    Posts: 1,379
    Just one thing, Are you using Argentines or bronze strings, because Gitanes ship with bronze and it really hides their true tone.
    Another thing is that you might not be using the correct technique to play this music and maybe thats why your not hearing the sound. Try to pick closer to the bridge for a more twangier tone.
    I hope this helps.
  • trumbologytrumbology San FranciscoNew
    Posts: 124
    CalebFSU wrote:
    My guitar was no where near the Favino or the other Sel-Macs but it was damn close.

    Metaphysical, dude... ;)
  • CalebFSUCalebFSU Tallahassee, FLModerator Made in USA Dell Arte Hommage
    Posts: 557
    Thanks man I try. :wink: Hey Trumbology I am going to send you a private mesage soon. My friend lives in Chapel Hill and I might be coming up that way I was going to see if you wanted to maybe get together and jam. I have visted Scot Wise in Charlotte and hope to again when i ome back up. but Raleigh is really close too.
    Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard.
  • calòcalò Bilbao, SpainNew
    Posts: 19
    I¨m using Argentines and I play close to the bridge
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