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I am still trying to look for a beginner accordion, I narrowed it down to min of 72 bass C system button accordion. I need something that I can grow into and that would keep a bit of resale value.
I am struggling to understand all the possible different tuning so I though of a roland fr-1b as it has multiple sound that can be adjusted. THis because I am scared to buy something that I will not like the sound off (knowing nothing about hiow to choose).
I have a limited budget so I'll be looking for a second hand of those.
Your advice would be much appreciated



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    Without liking electronic (MIDI) accordion sounds too much, I must admit that from what I've listened to, Roland does a good job. And I read recently that Roland reached a deal with Dallape accordions, where they can sample the classic Dallape sounds. Dallape was a quality brand before, but now no longer exists, save for the Roland samples. A used Roland might not be a bad way to go, in terms of striking a balance between budget and sound quality. But really, the need to try one first (or any accordion for that matter) cannot be overstated. Also, I'm not sure if Rolands have built in speakers and/or they need to be plugged into an external amplifier - just something to consider. Any chance you can find a distributor in Scotland/UK?
    Good luck with your search!
  • weechimpyweechimpy New
    Posts: 15
    THanks for reply
    Models above the fr3 has speakers build in, the fr2 and fr1 do not have speaker.

  • Posts: 11
    Just wondering what you bought?

  • weechimpyweechimpy New
    Posts: 15
    Sorry for late reply
    I found a Maugein CBA with casatto which has an incredibly soft basson on it. Very happy with it, if only I could play it.
  • PiedViperPiedViper New
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    Cool! I love that Daniel Colin sound, especially that chambered bassoon. I wish I could get that in a piano accordion.
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