Anyone working on note for note Django and/or Step on mando?

jmcgannjmcgann Boston MA USANew
edited March 2005 in Mandolin Posts: 134
What piece, and how is it sitting?

I find some lines sit really nicely and others just don't have the same effect due to the fingering...

I've never heard Django play a note without commitment.


  • PetimarPetimar SeattleNew
    Posts: 9
    I've transcribed a number of Django and Stephane solos, but find that neither works out very well on mando. I was glad I did them as they educated my ear to more of the lines played in this music. Gave me good general guidelines as what to play when soloing.

    I have also transcribed a number of Charlie Parker and Dexter Gordon solos, but once again find the solos are not very playable on mando. Again, great ear training and they give me more ideas about what to play stylistically when playing bebop.
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  • jmcgannjmcgann Boston MA USANew
    Posts: 134
    This is a YMMV situation- I've found both Django and Stephane things that work great on mando; likewise some Cannonball Adderley solos that just kill on mando (for example the Freddie Freeloader solo from Kind of Blue)- Also stuff like Bird's "Parker's Mood"- these are some things I cut my teeth on many moons ago...With Django there is often the octave transposition thing to deal with...I am fixin' to write out some Django and Stephane things for the lesson section of so stay tuned...

    I've never heard Django play a note without commitment.
  • Jim BryanJim Bryan Southeast Portland, OregonNew
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    So many tunes, so little time. Transcribed Django solos to both 'Dark Eyes' and 'Douce Ambience' which fall very well on mandolin. Don't have the specific recording info handy at the moment, could find it if anyone's interested.

    What sound like the very nice and elegant solos have good mando potential. Other times what sounds easy turns out to be, whoa, get the slow-downer program and good luck!

    Sims of Harmonious Wail has a lengthy transcription of Django's Minor Swing solo, along w/ his own, in 'Mandolin Magazine' a year or so ago.

    Any more I'm happy if I can learn the head to a tune and then steal one good solo fairly accurately, then I'm on my own.

    Have also worked up several musettes w/ some buddies. There's several transcriptions on the Co-Mando Tab\Edit site.

    Also check out the mando playing on Dan Newton's Cafe Accordion CDs


  • François RAVEZFrançois RAVEZ FranceProdigy
    Posts: 294
    Mike Stangeland did some great Django versions arrangement for mandolin (available in TablEdit format) : namely :
    All of me
    Django Blues
    Minor Swing
    Swing 39
    Swing 41
  • François RAVEZFrançois RAVEZ FranceProdigy
    Posts: 294
    Here is a zip of the Mike Stangeland files (as txt file + TablEdit file)

  • BillDaCostaWilliamsBillDaCostaWilliams Barreiro, Portugal✭✭✭ Mateos, Altamira M01F, Huttl
    Posts: 646
    Nice to find these Django for mando charts from a 2014 post.

    I went to see Bob Dylan last night in Lisbon (excellent show if you're any kind of Dylan fan) and his very accomplished pedal steel/mandolin player, Donnie Herron, inspired me to dig out my recently refurbished Portuguese mandolin once I got home and try out some GJ tunes.
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