Olivier Kikteff's Viking Project!

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Hey all, bear with me -- I’m in a story telling mood… Back at Django in June, I had the good fortune of being in a room near Olivier Kikteff of Les Doigts de l’Homme. We struck up a friendship and shared beers and our interest in alternative Gypsy and Gypsy jazz music. I had a little amp with me, so at one point I played a bit of my Surfin’ Djangos CD for him and he roared with laughter saying, “I am a good customer for this type of thing!”

He then pulled out his mp3 player and told me he had something he wanted me to hear. He asked if I had any headphones; unfortunately, I didn’t.

A couple of hours, a few beers later, I’m sitting downstairs in a super comfy lounge chair watching Gonzalo and Jason Anick working on a new Gonzalo song. Here was this song being finessed and birthed in front of my eyes, when Olivier runs up with headphones in hand and a mischievous grin on his face. He says, “Here, listen to this. It’s a side project I’ve been working on. It’s called Viking Project.”

I put on the headphones, crank up the mp3 player, and here comes this unbelievable music. It sounded as if the Rom band Mahla Rai Banda crossed paths with Frank Zappa and Return to Forever, and they decided to record a circus album! It had the zany, virtuosity and complex arrangements of Les Doigts de l’Homme but with drums, a horn, keys, electric bass and guitars – both acoustic and electric! Olivier said the bass player was his bandmate from LDDLH (Tanguy Blum) but the other musicians were non-LDDLH players. There were four songs in total and I listened to each song dropped-jawed and amazed--each was as impressive as the other.

I remember wearing those headphones thinking, “Geez, here I am listening to unreleased material by Olivier Kikteff while in front of me I’m watching Gonzalo and Jason create a new song! “ It’s moments like these we live for.

I tell you this story because now you too can listen to these tracks!

I received an email this morning from Olivier and he said he’s posted these on a MySpace page and sure enough the same zany four songs are there. I just love this stuff! I hope you do too. Grab your own headphones and go check ‘em out for yourself at:



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