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About a year ago I became enamored with gypsy jazz and listened to Django Reinhardt a lot. I ended up wanting to learn the style so I bought a few books and a Wegen. I was using my 62' Strat reissue to learn Django songs and it didn't feel right. I got the John Jorgenson Gitane and I loved it but I didn't make enough time to learn the style. I study guitar about 8 hours a day whenever I'm not working and I focus on metal, rock, blues,straight jazz and basically every other genre but gypsy jazz. To sum it up I took out the Gitane about 2 dozen times in the past year and in doing so I learned Douce Ambience and the solo. I enjoyed playing the guitar immensely and it plays very well but after spending the day with my other guitars and studying the other styles I never got around to the Gypsy jazz.

So the Gitane is basically brand new and it comes with the Golden Gate Hardshell Case, a set of 11 gauge D'Addario Gypsy Jazz strings(also a fresh set strung on the guitar), and a pack of 5 Jazztone sharp tip picks. I was gonna put it up on Ebay but I spent a lot of time on the forum a year ago and read pretty much every post so I figured I'd try here first. I still love Gypsy Jazz and I learned a lot from you guys that I apply to my guitar playing in general. From now on though when I want to learn a Django song I'll take out that 62' Strat.

I'm asking for $925(Paypal Only)shipping included, CON/US. Let me go into a little more detail about the guitar. This guitar is brand new except for the fact that I have touched it with my thoroughly washed hands. Thank you for checking out this post and thanks to this community for helping me to expand my musical knowledge immensely.

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