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  • dladasse 3:18PM

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Brishen CD

Has anyone heard the C D from this band. 17 yr old guitar whiz Quinn Bachand and violinist Richard Moody?

Interested to know what others think.
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  • Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
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    Good stuff. Just listening to this again tonight while laminating rosewood - and wondering where I'd heard/met Richard Moody as his name was so familiar. I think he played with the Bills for a while ?!? Or one of Mark Atkinson's projects at any rate. I'm almost certain I saw him on tour in Portland a few years back in a two violin group with Adrian Dolan. That Dolan guy is Bergara-esque in his ability to pick up new instruments. He started the show playing on an accordion and I thought: "He's dynamite"... then a few songs later he sat down at the piano and I thought: "My God, he's even better on the piano." .... then a few songs later he picked up a violin and..... "Holy S***, he's amazing on the violin." ;-) And it turned out that the violin is in fact his primary instrument.

    Quinn is also primarily a violin player but after spending a few years practicing guitar, he's now touring on it. Bright, talented, hard-working young guy & this is a really nice entree into the genre. I particularly liked Annie's Waltz.
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