BYO D-Hole Dimensions?

whitneyguitarswhitneyguitars New Gitane DG-340 Modele Stephane Wrembel Model

I'm hoping someone can help me out. I purchased the plans from Francois Charles for the oval-hole Selmer guitar and want to build a D-hole model. As I understand it, all is identical to the oval hole with the exception of the bracing (to accommodate the large sound-hole).

To my best guess from looking at photos, the sound-hole itself measures ~70mm high and ~155mm wide.

Could I trouble any of you with a D-hole model to confirm the dimensions as well as the width of the rosette / spacing between the sound-hole and rosette?

Thanks in advance!




  • BonesBones Moderator
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    Hi Mike,

    On the Charle plan it is about 155 x 65 mm.

    Edge of D hole to rosette about 4mm. Rosette 15mm.

    Brace 1 is 17 wide x 20 high.

    Brace 2 is 10 wide x 20 high.

    4 braces.

    Let us know how ur build goes. BTW for ease of searching we title luthier posts BYO for build your own. I edited it for you. Hope that's ok.

  • whitneyguitarswhitneyguitars New Gitane DG-340 Modele Stephane Wrembel Model
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    Hi Bones -

    Thanks a ton for getting back to me. No problem at all on the edit and thank you for the tip. I'll preface future posts with this.

    I since discovered an illustration in the Francois Charles book as well. It reads as 70mm high by 154mm wide (if I recall correctly - books is at the shop). I also messaged another builder in France and he said that he sets the height of the D-hole to the same as the oval (70mm) and then just scales proportionately which puts him in this range.

    Cheers as well for the additional specs on the rosette / spacing. I'll post some progress pics along the way.

    All the best!


  • BonesBones Moderator
    Posts: 3,318

    BTW those actual dimensions were not on the drawing so I just scaled them with a metric ruler. It should put you in the ballpark.

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