Lost Django Footage



  • RipRip olympia, washingtonNew
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    If you get interested enough, I'd recommend asking Ben, Alfonso, and maybe even Stephane.

  • Teddy DupontTeddy Dupont Deity
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    I agree with Scot and have had contact with virtually all the people he mentions and others who readily shared the rare gems they had. There have been so many claims about unreleased Django footage over the years but nothing has ever emerged. The most significant footage to be found was "Le Jazz Hot" which was not part of some collection but just a damaged reel of film found purely by chance. It was not a treasured possession of a collector. I have been speaking to some of my contacts, several of whom have very close relationships with the "gypsy jazz" gypsy community and they are very sceptical about any gypsies having unreleased footage. There is no logic to gypsies having such material rather than anyone else. I think it is actually less likely they would have such film. A person such as Sacha Distel would be more likely but as Scot implies, why would someone like him hide it away and not release it.

    The idea of an unknown colourised film of Django playing "J'Attendrai" on an electric guitar against a backdrop of horns is really hard to compute. It does not hang together on many levels ........ But I would love to be proven wrong so Rip, please do ask Stephane.

    I am not for one moment suggesting Rip is lying but memory can play tricks on all of us after 20 years.

  • RipRip olympia, washingtonNew
    Posts: 353

    I appreciate your skepticism Teddy. I am just as shocked that it hasn’t been released. If Ben woods, who is on this forum, is willing to talk about it, then ask him since he was there and also saw it. Ben, I hope I’m not putting you in an uncomfortable position, but it’s really not that big a deal. I had a brief email exchange about this with ben a few years ago. I love Stephane very much, but he has strong beliefs and if he hasn’t released the footage yet I don’t think he ever will. Contact Ben for confirmation. It’s real.

  • stubbystubby New
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    Well i've known Robin Katz since the late 1990's and not once has he ever mentioned seeing this Django film.

    I know Titi Bamberger told a friend of mine that the Reinhardt family does have unseen footage of Django but it will never ever be shared.The memory can play weird tricks and sometimes wishful thinking can come into play ...i even had a dream once where i was there watching Django play 2 feet in front of me and its by far the most satisfying wet dream i ever had.And no he wasn't playing I'll See You In My Dreams...

    Theres no doubt though that there is a lot of historical GJ video and audio material that has never been shared on the web.Its collectors right to keep their collections to themselves particularly because it often requires a ton of work to track stuff down.

    But like everyone else i'd love this to be true -- it would indeed be the Holy Grail.I'll probably have another dream about it tonight in fact.

    Stu B

  • RipRip olympia, washingtonNew
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    ask ben woods, he played with me that night and we've emailed about it.

    maybe robin wasn't in the room for that part of the night, I never spoke to him that night. i seem to remember him being with a couple ladies, he may have been drinking in the other room?

    seriously, ask ben woods. it seems at this point he is the only one that can testify on my behave. he's on the forum!

  • RipRip olympia, washingtonNew
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    "Titi Bamberger told a friend of mine that the Reinhardt family does have unseen footage of Django but it will never ever be shared"

  • richter4208richter4208 ✭✭✭
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  • scotscot Virtuoso
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    Like Roger, I would also like to be proven wrong here. But after 30 years of looking I can't help but be a skeptic. And I'm curious, Rip. Why do you accept MH's word re Sascha Distel but not mine?

  • RipRip olympia, washingtonNew
    Posts: 353

    Hi Scot,

    I know MH and he wouldn’t make this up. The real question is, why would Fapy’s rhythm guitarist be so convinced that Sascha had footage. This is pure speculation, but closer to the source. As for you, I have no reason to distrust you. You have a very well founded skepticism, given your 30 years of research. If you can’t get a hold of Ben for confirmation, try Alfonso. What I really think is going on is that people from the Reinhardt family as well as people that are close to the family have footage. They hold the footage sacred to the point that it is like a secret society. Stephane might have made a mistake when he showed the footage in 2004, in that it was given to him in confidence. This is my guess.

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