Luthier Marcello Quinteros (Buenos Aires)?



  • pdgpdg ✭✭
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    Why doesn't someone ask Gonzalo Bergara? He's from Argentina and may know something about them.

  • Found this on his his FB, but no mention of which brands of guitars in the comments!

  • murrayatuptowngallermurrayatuptowngaller Holland, MINew wooden guitars
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    The seller communicated with me, in English, but hasn't yet answered a handful of detail questions I think he may not know. So I picked one question he can check himself. I also found an E-mail for the luthier collective the builder works in & e-mailed him. Had to use Google Translate because my 1976 Spanish was best used by 1980 & has expired.

    I had similar thoughts about the Saga tailpiece, but that is the type easily purchased. To procure a DiMauro style tailpiece would require him shipping in Europe or making his own. Either choice would take more labor and affect the price.

    I have found specs for build on one instrument, and different specs for another s/n in same style. Hence the details questions...can't assume. One must have been erroneous because the same species was filled in everywhere. The other made sense. The neck was three-piece, two species, with 2-way truss rod, which suggested the luthier is paying attention to both vintage and modern construction. I thought the wood choices for the neck were unusual (Australian Walnut & Ash) but maybe that is a choice that works for him and helps with neck/body balance. Some of the alternative builders in the beginning used unusual woods at times, too. But is the seller's info correct? One was likely not. If correct, top was cedar, body and sides walnut, fingerboard ebony, bridge rosewood.

    I have found on my own, and in response from seller, audio that shows me may be a better player than myself, but he's no Gonzalo Bergara! (Nor am I!).

    I'm in no hurry, not flush with cash (yet) but curious enough to poke around for answers. I also like that the f-holes style manouche guitar was apparently intended to be a hybrid. I'm fine, and even interested in that. I'm not obsessive about very many things. All my other guitars are odd, unusual or uncommon.

    I've given up on building my own (reality: I should surely own one built properly and learn how to play it properly before making a firewood specimen). If I wait for myself to finish anything I start, I will be waiting a long time.

    Thanks for the replies (and reading! I tell young folks my middle initial is TMI).


  • murrayatuptowngallermurrayatuptowngaller Holland, MINew wooden guitars
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    I only own one carved-top guitar at the moment.

    the number of high end instruments that I see with described cracks is disturbing. It's probably the fault of the tree and the owner, not the luthier.

    Someone I know who builds upright basses doesn't like people using humidifiers in Michigan because they MIS-use them in his opinion. They humidify a lot then leave them too long in a cold vehicle in winter and that causes more drastic humidity cycling in the wood. So he sees damage he attributes to the opposite of too-dry.

    So many things we can do wrong! Not just playing... Just listening is so much cheaper and safer ;@)

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    Hey Murray,
    Our own Gian (aka Geese) is selling an excellent 2015 JWC Catania Swing (F-holes, like what your looking for) right here on the forum. Great price, too.

  • murrayatuptowngallermurrayatuptowngaller Holland, MINew wooden guitars
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    ...and the one on Reverb sold. Not to me. Maybe a local buyer.

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    Im fairly new to GJ and this forum helped me a lot so I just registered to give my input.

    I bought the Marcelo Quinteros double F guitar probably previous to the one you posted. I bought mine in Nov 2023.

    I really wanted a FF guitar and was not disappointed. A Made in China guitar did not interest me and I didnt want to pay 2-3 times the price from other more known luthiers. Anyhow, the sound on my ff is quite explosive! The wood is beautiful throughout and I am liking the cedar top sound.

    For the price, I would say it was a good purchase. There are a few flaws in craftmanship but I can live with it. I do see his more newer ones have improved in craftmanship. I would not expect his guitars to be flawless. It could be a cultural thing where they emphasize playability over meticulous details.

    Marcelo has made GJ guitars for BA GJ players. I think he has been making GJ guitars for atleast 4-5 years but on his FB page you can see a lot of his other work.

    If you want a nice ff Guitar you will be happy. On mine the action is fairly low around 2.8 mm I may raise it slightly on next string change. I like playing both rhythm and solo on mine.

    Hope this helps.

    Part 2 to follow.

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    Check out this video played on a MQ guitar:

    Fernando Castineiras is a well known GJ player in Argentina.

    I really wanted a nylon guitar so Jose said this guitar was for sale and I bought it.

    It is an amazing sounding guitar!! Incredibly warm sound that touches the soul. Plays like butter

    . Being used by a touring musician the guitar is well used but despite the wear I absolutely love it.

    Marcelo Quintero can be contacted directly on facebook. I would try to go through him directly rather than going through the salesman Jose.

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    prairiefalcon, thanks for sharing this! That nylon D sounds pretty nice. Of course, that player is excellent!

  • paulmcevoy75paulmcevoy75 Portland, MaineNew
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    totally different subject more or less but I'm working on a Selmerish guitar that's sort of a mashup between a Selmer body/bridge/strings and a D'Aquisto Centura (maybe my fav guitar). It will have the soundholes in the lower bout, likely a built in pickup in the neck.

    I have no idea what this will sound like, but I've been obsessed with it for years. I think it will look cool AF. Probably going to be braced like an archtop with vertical bracing, possibly some lattice involved. I imagine one way or the other it will sound quite good. I hope to have it at DIJ this year.

    Basically this guitar with Selmer hardware/neck/headstock/body shape

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