Django in June 2024 -- Our 20th Anniversary!

AndrewLawrenceAndrewLawrence Northampton, MA✭✭
in North America Posts: 56

Hi Folks:

This is just to let you know that registration is open for Django in June 2024. In fact, as I write this we're approaching 100 registrations!

Dates for this year are June 10 - 16. The event is held on the campus of Smith College in Northampton, MA and is primarily devoted to learning and jamming. We do have concerts on the weekend.

Once again (owing to a big, multi-year construction project) housing on the Smith College campus will be somewhat limited in 2024, so I would not recommend waiting too long to register if you'd like to join us and you'll be needing meals or housing.

This is our 20th anniversary, and North American Gypsy jazz has come a long way in that time! Come celebrate with us in the best way imaginable -- playing some music. :)




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    Man, when I think back to the time I started going in 2013, I can't help but think how profoundly it affected me over the years. This one week in June has provided me just about a daily guidance over the years in my musical journey, friendships I made and kept over the years, beautiful memories it's created and something to looking forward to and feel giddy about every year.

    The only bummer is Hungry Ghost isn't making pizza any longer and Tart isn't making knish. Those were also things I looked forward to tasting again every year. And I think beer used to be better at the Northampton Brewery :)

    Every note wants to go somewhere-Kurt Rosenwinkel
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    Looks like a great time! I'm shopping for a used luthier made guitar, would JIJ be a good place to look?

  • AndrewLawrenceAndrewLawrence Northampton, MA✭✭
    Posts: 56

    Participants at Django in June are welcome to bring guitars to sell, and they do. It's nice to be able to try several in one place.

  • GaetoGaeto Alsteas, New HampshireNew Altamira
    Posts: 1

    I have been wanting to go since I lived in CA. Excited and intimidated. Crisping up my la pompe.

    I live in SW New Hampshire these days- are there people to play and/or study with in the area? I play guitar but also been playing around with accordion.

  • paulmcevoy75paulmcevoy75 Portland, MaineNew
    Posts: 95

    I'll hopefully have 4 new Selmer and Selmerish style guitars there this year.

    If you're interested you can see my progress at

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