Suggestions for oval holes with small necks

I was hoping someone would suggest an oval hole for me with a small neck. length of fingerboard and width. similar to what you would find on an Ibanez archtop, I have the Richwood 70 NT which I like the neck of but is very cheaply made and would like something better.


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    My mind wanders when it is late but I started reading this title thinking about small necks on players rather than guitars.

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    That'll likely be a luthier made guitar. Ivanovski, who made my guitar, has made a number of short scale, 14 fret to the body guitars. There's one on Reverb but it doesn't list the scale length.

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    That's a really nice price for a luthier made guitar. Very much on par with what JWC guitars run for. Can't tell the scale length by photos, but considering it is a 14-fret join and the moustache location on the lower bout as well as the well-established standards for sizing, my guess is Risto built a 670mm scale for that one.

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    It's likely 670mm but I've seen a few of the ones Risto built as 14 frets to the body and short scale (don't know what length). One is a friend's guitar he picked up as a bargain on eBay ($1200) and another is from another friend who loved that one and asked Risto to build him the same spec.

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    Above is the one. OP asked for oval hole but Risto will build any spec you want at his base price.

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  • cbwimcbwim ✭✭✭
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    Talk to Shelley Park at

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