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Bob HoloBob Holo Moderator
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I'm wondering which planet I'm living on because I just heard about this guy... Lollo Meier... Wow! This is "it" man, this is solid and tight and bounces along with both fun and intention. This is the most old-school tight sound I've heard from a modern group. I wonder if they'd be open to doing DFNW? I would love to hear these guys and I don't get to Holland much. I almost made it there this year but work & family matters conspired to keep me stateside.

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  • JackJack western Massachusetts✭✭✭✭
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    Hey Bob,

    We had Lollo out here for Django in June last year. If I can figure it out, I'll try to load some of the video I've got onto YouTube at some point soon. I'd assume though that if they came here (he played with Dave Kelbie, Tim Kliphuis, and Jared Engel on bass) they'd be up for DFNW! Send me a pm about the show when you get a chance.

  • Teddy DupontTeddy Dupont Deity
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    A very tasteful and stylish player. Not too much hollow flash and glitter.
  • Michael BauerMichael Bauer Chicago, ILProdigy Selmers, Busatos and more…oh my!
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    Lollo is my absolute favorite player! I was just blown away at Django in June at the effortless grace with which he played. But even more, he has incredible tone. Every note sings! Very traditional in style, but he makes it seem fresh. Lollo is probably on my CD player more than anyone except Django. I hope Jack's video conveys some of Lollo's live magic.
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  • I too am a great fan of Lollo. I saw the video of him playing China Boy in 2005 and was very impressed by his melodic and harmonic approach which to my ears was very Django 1939...and also very similiar to Fapy whom I believe is a relative of his?. I got in touch with him and went to study with him for a week. This week was incredible I learned a lot from him and I also made a good friend.

    At first we covered picking technique, tremolo etc but my chief interest was in harmonic approach. Lollo told me that he plays 'Django music' and that his ideas come from Django's recordings. This accounts for the lack of excessive flash in his approach.

    I am looking forward to hearing the new CD.
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    Wow! Very nice. Two other vids at youtube: solo git performance of Pepe's Dream; quartet doing Berlin's Blue Skies.
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    Hi i to am interested in learning from the experts , does Lollo teach players at any level , and would he teach somebody who just wants to learn rhythm
    regarsd Dave
  • andoatagnandoatagn Northampton, MAProdigy
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    Lollo and Dave did a great job for us here last year. Not only terrific musicians, but very professional and easy to work with. I hope others will provide them with opportunities to get back Stateside.
    I just got word from Kelbie that Lollo's new CD is out: "Rosas". If Michael doesn't have it yet, it's available through
  • KoratKorat NetherlandsNew
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    .and also very similiar to Fapy whom I believe is a relative of his?.

    Lollo and Fappy are cousins
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  • I´m fortunate to play bass in Lollo´s quartet every month or so, it´s really great. Lollo has many compositions of his own, great tunes.
  • crookedpinkycrookedpinky Glasgow✭✭✭✭ Alex Bishop D Hole, Altamira M & JWC D hole
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    Yep, I think Lollo often gets overlooked because he's not flashy and speedy but rather understated and what a phenomenal composer. And he's a nice guy.
    always learning
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