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  • bohemewarblerbohemewarbler St. Louis, MO✭✭✭✭ Jordan Wencek No.26, Altamira M01D-12 fret
    Posts: 243
    I'll be in Washington DC Friday night through Sunday night, July 20 -22, and was wondering if anyone knows of any venues hosting Gypsy Jazz that weekend. If you know, let me know!
  • MandobartMandobart ✭✭ Mandolin, Octave Mandolin, Mandocello, Fiddles
    Posts: 100
    Location: Tri-Cities, WA

    Name: Atomic City Hot Club

    Configuration: trio

    Members: I play mandolin, octave mandolin, mandocello, 5 string viola
    violin player

    Repertoire: mainly gypsy jazz with some latin and swing tunes

    Available for: we just started up. Friends and neighbors that get together to jam and do some local playing

    Contact Info: [email protected]


    Notes/Comments: Not much of a GJ scene here. Trying to get more people exposed to it.
  • yorkyork Saratoga Springs, NY Kish Selmer copy. I made it.
    edited December 2014 Posts: 7
    Location: Saratoga Springs, NY, 12866, USA

    Name: Hot Club of Saratoga

    Configuration: Quintet

    Members: Chad Tallman, solo guitar; Chuck Kish, rhythm guitar, Dylan Perrillo, string bass; Tucker Callander, violin; Jonathan Greene, clarinet/sax

    Repertoire: gypsy jazz

    Available for: gigs, jams, festivals, workshops, other (talk to us)

    Contact Info: [email protected] or website, or Facebook
    Facebook: Hot Club of Saratoga

    Notes/Comments: Gypsy Swing in the Spirit of Django
  • lacrossehotclublacrossehotclub La Crosse WI✭✭✭ Dupont Nomade
    edited December 2014 Posts: 116
    Location: La Crosse, WI USA
    Name: Under Paris Skies
    Configuration: trio, with guests
    Members: Ron Reimer - accordion, Steven Meger - guitar, Larry Dalton - bass
    Repertoire: musette, gypsy jazz with swing standards, tangos, bossas, boleros
    Available for: gigs, parties, festivals
    Contact Info: [email protected], or message us on Facebook
  • Location: Columbia, SC

    Name: Flat Out Strangers

    Configuration: Quartet
    Robbie Grice: Guitar
    Gorge Fulton: Bass
    Sean Heely: Violin
    Finklea Tomlinson: Drums

    Repertoire: Focus on vocal versions of Gypsy, Swing, The Great American Songbook, and some originals. Also play a full repertoire of Rockabilly, Vintage Country, Western Swing, and Bluegrass.

    Available for: anything that pays!

    Contact Info:
    [email protected]
    Flat Out Strangers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
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